What is Dot Jobs (.jobs)?

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Simply put, .jobs is an easy way to find employment opportunities.

Much like .com, .gov, or .edu, .jobs is a web site suffix encompassing tens of thousands of geographic, industry, occupational, and employer-specific micro sites ending in .jobs. Some examples of these include Dallas.jobs, Manufacturing.jobs, Engineering.jobs, IBM.jobs, Continental.jobs, etc.

To use this job search function, simply go to any internet browser and type in [where or what you want].jobs and find it. If searching for a job in Austin, type in Austin.jobs and instantly get a list of available jobs in the Austin area. If searching for an accountant job in Dallas, type in Texasaccounting.jobs to see what is available.

In partnership with the DirectEmployers Association, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has developed some micro sites specifically for Texas jobs, such as Texasmanufacturing.jobs and Texasaerospace.jobs. The job content found on these sites is a combination of jobs listed with WorkInTexas.com and Texas jobs listed with JobCentral.

There is also a version specifically for U.S. military veterans called Veterans.jobs. This site includes a military-to-civilian job skill translator to help service men and women easily map their Military Occupation Code or Specialty (MOC/S) to civilian jobs. Simply select a military branch and an MOC/S and quickly find available civilian jobs that use those same skills sets. For Example:

  • (Army) 25B = Information Technology Specialist (Civilian)
  • (Navy) 0904 = Critical Care Nurse (Civilian)
  • (Marines) 1310 = Civil Engineer (Civilian)
  • (Air Force) 3D032 = Network Administrator (Civilian)
  • (Coast Guard) 91 = Physician (Civilian)

Below is a list of some of the most frequently used .jobs sites.

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