Vocational Rehabilitation Manual (MANUAL RETIRED 10/1/2017)

As of 10/1/2017, this manual has been retired. For current policies, procedures, and standards for the Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Division, please refer to the following manuals:

Notice: November 2019

Retired program manuals are available for direct access by VR staff who are working within TWC's firewall. Copies of these manuals can be made available to the public upon request by sending an email message to vrsm.support@twc.state.tx.us.

Chapter 1: Protection of Legal Rights

Chapter 2: Intake

Chapter 3: Eligibility

Chapter 4: Assessing and Planning

Chapter 5: Training Overview

Chapter 6: Academic, Vocational, and Technical Training

Chapter 7: Assistive Technology Unit

Chapter 8: Business Enterprises of Texas

Chapter 9: Community Rehabilitation Programs

Chapter 10: Counseling and Guidance

Chapter 11: Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center

Chapter 12: Deafblind Services

Chapter 13: Diabetes Self-Management Services

Chapter 14: Employment Assistance

Chapter 15: Interpreter and Communication Access Services for People Who Are Deaf

Chapter 16: Job Coach Services

Chapter 17: Job Readiness Training and Job Placement

Chapter 18: Maintenance Services

Chapter 19: Occupational Licenses, Tools, Equipment, and Initial Stocks and Supplies

Chapter 20: On-the-Job Training

Chapter 21: Orientation and Mobility Services

Chapter 22: Other Goods and Services

Chapter 23: Personal Assistance Services

Chapter 24: Physical and Mental Restoration Services

Chapter 25: Reader Services for People Who Are Blind

Chapter 26: Referral and Other Services

Chapter 27: Services to Family Members

Chapter 28: Services to Groups of Individuals

Chapter 29: Self-Employment

Chapter 30: Supported Employment

Chapter 31: Technical Assistance and Other Consultation Services

Chapter 32: Telecommunications, Sensory, and Other Technological Aids and Devices

Chapter 33: Transition Services

Chapter 34: Transportation

Chapter 35: Vocational Adjustment/Work Adjustment Training

Chapter 36: Vocational Diagnostic Unit

Chapter 37: Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher

Chapter 38: Closure

Chapter 39: Post-Closure Services

Chapter 40: Case Management

Chapter 41: Required Approvals and Consultations

Chapter 42: DARS Business Relations

Chapter 43: Purchasing Goods and Services for Consumers