Important disclaimer: The sample policies and forms available in this Appendix, and in the book Texas Guidebook for Employers in general, are only examples and are furnished merely as illustrations of their categories. They are not meant to be taken and used without consultation with a licensed employment law attorney. If you are in need of a policy for a particular situation, you should keep in mind that any sample policy or form such as the ones available here would need to be reviewed, and possibly modified, by an employment law attorney in order to ensure that it fits your situation and complies with the laws of Texas or your other state or states of operation. Downloading, printing, distributing, reproducing, or using any policy or form in this book in any manner constitutes your agreement that you understand this disclaimer; that you will not use the policy or form for your company or individual situation without first having it approved and, if necessary, modified by an employment law attorney of your choice; and that if you use it without such consultation, you assume any risks associated with its use.

Again, it is not recommended to simply adopt these sample policies and forms for your situation without first seeking the advice of an employment law attorney. There is almost an infinite variety of policies and forms for various kinds of workplaces and different kinds of situations. Moreover, the laws vary widely from state to state in some areas of employee relations. Thus, it is very important to make sure that what you have in your policy handbook and what you have employees sign not only truly meets your needs, but also complies with Texas and federal laws, as well as the laws of any other states in which your company operates.

List Of Sample Policies And Forms In This Book

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Handbook
Attendance Policy
Authorization for Background Check
Authorization for Prior Employer to Release Information
Company-Issued Credit Cards
Confidentiality of Information
Conflict of Interest
Driver Policy
Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Employee Agreement and Consent to Drug and/or Alcohol Testing
Harassment and Disrespect Toward Others
Internet, E-Mail, and Computer Use Policy
Job Offer Letter
Limits on Leave Benefits
Medical Absence Warnings
Medical Information Confidentiality Policy
Neutral Absence Control Policy
Personnel Files Policy
Property Return Security Deposit Agreement
Relationships Within The Workplace
Request for Change in Employment Status
Smoking Policy
Social Media Use Policy
Vacation and Sick Leave
Video Surveillance / Search Consent Form
Volunteer Application and Service Agreement
Wage Deduction Authorization Agreement
Wage Overpayment/Underpayment Policy
Work Schedules and Recording of Work Time

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