In the course of performing their duties, employees may have access to or gain knowledge of confidential information concerning the Company, its customers/clients, and other employees. "Confidential information" is defined as information to which the public does not have general access. This policy governs the use or further disclosure of such information.

With respect to confidential information concerning the Company, other employees, the Company's vendors and contractual partners, and/or its customers/clients, such information should be safeguarded. An appropriate manager will grant the necessary access if an employee needs such information to perform his or her duties. No other access is permitted. Any release, duplication, distribution, transmittal, disclosure, or discussion ("release") of such information that is not required by law or by the duties of the employees involved is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized access to, and unauthorized release of, confidential information will violate this policy and may result in appropriate disciplinary action against the employee(s) involved, up to and potentially including termination of employment, depending upon the severity and/or repeat nature of the offense.

See also: Medical information confidentiality policy

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