Employees assigned to driving duties ("drivers") must at all times meet the following criteria:

Any employee driving a Company vehicle or driving on Company business must observe all safety, traffic, and criminal laws of this state. No driver may consume alcohol or illegal drugs while driving a Company vehicle, while on Company business, while in a Company vehicle, or prior to the employee's shift if such consumption would result in a detectable amount of alcohol or illegal drugs being present in the employee's system while on duty. In addition, no driver may consume or use any substance, regardless of legality or prescription status, if by so doing, the driver's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and carry out other work-related duties would be impaired or diminished. No driver may pick up or transport non-employees while in a Company vehicle or on Company business, unless there is a work-related need to do so. Any illegal, dangerous, or other conduct while driving that would tend to place the lives or property of others at risk is prohibited.

Anything a driver does in connection with the operation of motor vehicles can affect that driver's fitness for duty or insurability as a driver. Regardless of fault, circumstance, on- or off-duty status, time, or place, any driver who receives a traffic citation from or is arrested by a law enforcement officer, or who is involved in any kind of accident while driving, must inform an appropriate supervisor about the incident immediately or as soon as possible thereafter. Any penalty, fine, imprisonment, fee, or other adverse action imposed by a court in connection with such an incident must be reported immediately to an appropriate supervisor. In both of the above situations, the matter will be reported to the Company's insurance carrier so that a prompt decision on continued coverage of the employee can be made. The driver involved in an accident or cited by a law enforcement official for violating a motor vehicle law must turn over any documentation relating to such incident as soon as possible to the employer, and must cooperate fully with the employer in verifying the information with other parties involved and with law enforcement authorities. While parking tickets will not affect a driver's insurability, any parking ticket issued on a vehicle that is being used for company business should be reported to an appropriate supervisor at the earliest possible opportunity.

Any employee who violates any part of this policy, or who becomes uninsurable as a driver, will be subject to reassignment and/or disciplinary action, up to and possibly including termination from employment. All employees with driving duties must sign the following agreement:

I have read and understand the Company's Driver Policy, and I agree, in the event that I am ever found to be uninsurable, or that I lack a clean driving record or a valid and current driver's license, that if necessary, I will accept whatever alternative assignment the Company may give me and that I understand that a reduction in pay, change in hours, change in duties, and/or change in work location may result from the reassignment. I further understand that the Company does not and cannot guarantee that any particular reassignment will be available in the event of a problem with my driver's license, driving record, or insurability as a driver, and that if no reassignment is possible, termination of my employment may occur.




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