I-9 Requirements

  1. Do not waste time getting I-9 information on all applicants - this is only required for people who are actually hired.

  2. The law requires employers to verify the I-9 information by the end of the third day of an employee's employment.

  3. Do not ask about U.S. citizenship unless required to do so by statute or regulation - ask whether the applicant is authorized to work in the U.S.

  4. Employers are not required to keep copies of the documents a new hire presents for the I-9 form, but keeping copies will help a company show that it tried in good faith to verify the identity and work authorization of the employee.

  5. I-9 records must be kept for three years following the date of hire, or for one year after the employee leaves, whichever is later. Recommended: keep this and all employment records for at least 7 years after the employee leaves in order to exhaust all the statutes of limitation.

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