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Texas Payday Law - Conclusions

The two main laws limiting deductions from pay are the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Texas Payday Law. In addition, other laws and court decisions sometimes influence wage deductions. A careful employer will watch for situations in which an employee's pay may be reduced for one reason or another and consider whether the deduction potentially involves a reduction below minimum wage and/or must be authorized in writing by the employee before the deduction is made. While some types of deductions are fairly predictable and straightforward, many other kinds of deductions are extremely complex and restricted. Before going ahead with a policy regarding wage deductions, it may be advisable to have the policy and procedures reviewed by an employment law attorney who is familiar with both federal and Texas wage and hour laws. Employers may also receive help on these issues by calling the legal staff at the toll-free number for the TWC Employer Commissioner's office: 1-800-832-9394. TWC's website is at https://twc.texas.gov. Finally, the website for the U.S. Department of Labor (http://www.dol.gov) offers the full text of the FLSA (PDF) and the accompanying regulations.

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