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What's New In This Edition


This edition of Especially for Texas Employers features many new topics and full-length articles. Although almost every topic in the book has been updated or expanded in some way, the following topics are the ones that either appear in the book for the first time, or else have been so extensively expanded or updated that they are essentially new topics. They are listed in the order and under the sections in which they appear in the book.


Top Ten Tips for Employers

I. Hiring: Basic Legal Issues for Employers

References and Background Checks
New Hire Paperwork
Tax Audits and Rule 13 Hearings

II. Pay and Policy Issues

Personnel Files - Details
Fair Labor Standards Act - What It Does and Does Not Do
Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
LGBT Issues  +new topic
OSHA - Workplace Safety and Health Requirements
Social Media Issues
Tip-Pooling / Tip-Sharing
I-9 Requirements - Document Lists
Fixed Salary for Fluctuating Workweeks Overtime Calculator  +new utility
Salary and Benefit Discussions Among Employees
Final Pay
Tip Credits
Minimizing the Risk of Wage Claims
Legal Issues for Military Leave
Monitoring Company Computers And The Internet
Things Employers Wish They Had Never Said

III. Work Separation Issues

Work Separations - General
Exit Interviews / Notice of Discharge
Final Pay / Severance Benefits
Release and Waiver Agreements
Early Retirement/Voluntary Leave Incentives/Age Discrimination Issues
Types of Work Separations

IV. Post-Employment Problems

Other Types of Employment-Related Litigation
Unemployment Insurance Law - Qualification Issues
Reduction in Hours or Pay Rate
Estimate Chargebacks and Tax Rates  +updated utilities
How Do Unemployment Claims Affect an Employer?

V. Employment Law-Related Web Sites

Employment Law-Related Web Sites
Contact Information



Internet, E-Mail, and Computer Usage Policy
Neutral Absence Control Policy
Relationships Within The Workplace
Social Media Use Policy


Web App

TBC Companion  +new employment law utilities and other resources for employers in a mobile-friendly format that works on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet, any OS)


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