PRESCO Polymers LP Honored as Small Employer of the Year at Texas Workforce Conference

Date: Nov. 30, 2018

Media Contact: Lisa Givens
Phone: 512-463-8556

AUSTIN – PRESCO Polymers LP (PRESCO) was named Small Employer of the Year at the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) 22nd Annual Texas Workforce Conference held Nov. 28–30 in Houston. PRESCO was nominated by Workforce Solutions Texoma (Texoma) and chosen as the Small Employer of the Year from among three exemplary finalists, out of 24 small, private-sector employers nominated. All nominees were recognized for contributions to their community’s workforce through innovation and collaboration with their Texas Workforce Solutions partner.

For 75 years PRESCO has manufactured marking products that include barricade tape, roll flagging, underground tape, marking paint, safety flags, marking whiskers and flexible vinyl used in a variety of industrial applications.

“Congratulations to PRESCO and Texoma for their leadership and dedication in the business community,” said TWC Chair and Commissioner Representing Employers Ruth R. Hughs. “Small businesses are at the core of the Texas economy, and each play an important part in our state’s continued economic success.”

Although PRESCO is a small employer, it offers big perks for its employees. PRESCO believes in developing its workforce through training and offers tuition assistance, among other generous employment benefits. The company’s family health care clinic offers free care to all employees and covered dependents, therefore reducing lost productivity due to medical visits. PRESCO understands that better health care for employees and their families affects the health of the entire community.

PRESCO supports the state’s workforce system and partners with the TWC, Texoma, and Texas businesses through various workforce development programs. PRESCO is a founding member of the Texoma Manufacturing Consortium, providing a cash donation of $10,000 for a matching TWC grant. PRESCO also has staff members who serve on the consortium’s board.

“A key contributing factor for our state’s continued economic growth and low unemployment rate is the availability of career opportunities for job seekers,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Julian Alvarez. “PRESCO and other small employers statewide have set the standard for a supportive workplace environment, ensuring that staff are well-trained and encouraging professional and personal growth. I congratulate PRESCO as being the 2018 Small Employer of the Year.”

Focusing on education and workforce training, PRESCO hosts tours of its facilities throughout the year for high school and middle school students, school counselors, and college students. The company also has hosted a teacher for its summer externship program for the past 10 years. Additionally, PRESCO staff members serve as mentors for the Advanced Manufacturing Program, which launched in 2016. The program is a partnership among Texoma, area high schools, industrial employers, the Sherman Economic Development Corporation, the Denison Development Alliance, and Grayson College. By participating in the program, Texoma-area high school students receive hands-on manufacturing experience and college credit hours.

“Thanks to the innovation and community-focused efforts of employers such as PRESCO, Texas workers continue to have a range of opportunities to demonstrate their world-class work ethic and skills in a variety of growing industries,” said TWC Commissioner Representing the Public Robert D. Thomas. “I congratulate PRESCO for this well-deserved honor, and for demonstrating its ability to achieve success in our country’s premier place to do business.”

PRESCO's dedication to the skills development of its employees and their welfare, along with the welfare of employee family members, makes for a healthy, ongoing, trained labor force.

“We’ve been celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, and this is a great way to cap it off,” said PRESCO Owner Joe Hardt. “We’ve been contributing to a local charity every month of this year and this is a great way to complete the year. I’d like to thank the Texas Workforce Commission for all they do today and every day to supply a resource for our company. To our fellow nominees I say congratulations. We estimate that there’s over half a million small businesses eligible for this award. To be nominated is quite an honor so congratulations to all of you. And to my PRESCO team, I thank you. They are the ones who do all the hard work and create the innovative programs to help employees in training and make their lives better and that’s what we exist for – that is our purpose.  I am very excited and honored to share this award with my fellow employees at PRESCO.”

Additionally, two other exemplary employers were finalists for Texas Workforce Solutions Small Employer of the Year. KAT Excavation & Construction Inc. (KAT) was nominated by Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas. KAT has 36 employees and has served the Southeast Texas construction community for more than 76 years. La Voz 93.3 FM (La Voz) was nominated by Workforce Solutions West Central Texas. La Voz employs five radio broadcasters and supports the community by allowing local businesses to talk live in-studio about their business, at no charge.

Each of the 28 local workforce development boards recognized a Local Employer of Excellence at the conference. The award honors an employer that is actively involved with Texas Workforce Solutions and has made a positive impact on employers, workers and the community.

Awards also were granted to local workforce development boards that provided outstanding services to Texas employers, workers, job-seekers and local communities. Additionally, monetary awards were given to the boards that were recognized for outstanding performance. Monetary awards will be used to enhance board service programs during the next year. The primary goal of TWC and its Workforce Solutions board partners is to respond to the needs of Texas employers through locally-designed, market-driven workforce development initiatives and services. All employers, workers and job seekers are eligible to take advantage of these services.


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