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TWC’s Child Care Investments Partnership (CCIP) program fosters collaborations between local workforce development boards (Boards) and local partners by supporting investments in projects that improve the quality of child care and early learning.

A Board may work with one or more partners to develop a project proposal and apply to TWC. If selected, the partner donates the funds proposed for the project, and TWC provides a 100 percent match of the donation to fully fund the project. Donated funds must be from a non-federal source.

Successful applications support comprehensive or strategic projects in one or more of the following areas:

  • Child care apprenticeships
  • Home-based child care
  • Public-private prekindergarten partnerships
  • Business support for child care programs
  • Child care worker wage supplementation or stipends
  • Emergency response/recovery
  • Program capacity expansion
  • Research studies that support child care quality improvement
  • Other Strategic Quality Improvement Activities (subject to approval by TWC)

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Child Care Investments Partnership

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has dedicated $5 million dollars to expand early childhood efforts by engaging in specified Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Quality activities which improve the quality of child care. Private employers or corporate foundations can collaborate with Workforce Solutions to apply for funding for TWC-approved child care quality improvement activities. To be eligible for CCIP, the donor organization must be an industry partner such as a private employer or a corporate foundation.

CCIP funds are available until approved funding has been exhausted.

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How to Apply

Businesses interested in partnering in a grant should contact their local Workforce Solutions workforce development board. To apply for the grant funds, Workforce Solutions partners must enter into an agreement with one or more industry or private partner and submit the program specific applications forms listed below. The completed, signed and dated application documents must be submitted by email to

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