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TWC Website Privacy & Security Information


Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) maintains this website as a public service. The following information is provided in keeping with TWC's intent to protect, to whatever extent possible, our customers' and visitors' dignity and privacy. This information may change over time as TWC modifies or expands its services; therefore, TWC recommends checking the Website Privacy and Security Information periodically for any changes.

TWC will not tolerate any information or message that is abusive, obscene, or that infringes upon the rights of any party. TWC will delete any information of this nature that a visitor attempts to post on this website and deny the responsible visitor access to the website until the matter is resolved.

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Personal Information

Browsing the Website

If you are browsing informational content on our website, we do not collect any personal information about you. We collect anonymous information about general Web traffic as described below.

TWC uses server logs to record a visitor's Internet Protocol (IP) address and browser configuration information, and to collect general information about the visit to the website, such as the time and length of the visit, and the Web pages accessed during the visit. TWC collects this information for website management and performance monitoring. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information. Depending on the transaction type, TWC may collect the IP address and browser configuration information of the computer used to complete the transaction. The browser configuration information, which establishes device identifying information, and the IP address may then be used to verify the validity of the transaction.

TWC temporarily stores some information on the visitor's computer hard drive. These information files, called cookies, are used to collect anonymous traffic data. We use that data to understand how people use our website in order to continually improve the content and customer experience.

Submitting Information through the Website

If you submit personal information by sending an email or by initiating an online transaction, such as a survey, work registration, unemployment benefits claim, or order form, then any information you submit through the services of the TWC website will be available to appropriate TWC staff to assist them in fulfilling their governmental duties. This information may also be sent to the person or organization TWC determines to be the subject of your message or to other governmental agencies involved in administering your request.

Depending on the transaction type, TWC may collect the IP address and the browser configuration of the computer used to complete the transaction. The browser configuration, which establishes device identifying information, and IP address may then be used to verify the validity of the transaction.

TWC stores information files, called cookies, to maintain information needed during the business process. These cookies, related to the business process, are automatically removed from your computer when you close your browser.

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All information TWC collects or maintains is subject to the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act and other federal and state regulations governing information sharing. Such laws are subject to being changed by Congress or the Legislature at any time. In most circumstances, the law currently requires TWC to release to the public any properly requested information collected about visitors to its Internet website.

Confidential transactions, such as unemployment claims or unemployment tax records and payments, have the same level of confidentiality whether filed through the Internet or through other methods. To the extent federal or state law makes information that is filed with TWC confidential, whether filed in paper or electronic form, TWC will treat that information as confidential and will not release it to third parties unless otherwise required or permitted by law.

Job seekers should be aware that information posted on this website might be available to employers accessing TWC services, possibly including your current employer. For example, a job application posted in WorkInTexas.com is available to any employer with a matching job order, while information from a new claim for unemployment benefits is only available to the last employer the applicant named on the claim. Information will not be disclosed to other third parties unless TWC receives a Request for Public Information and the law requires or permits TWC to disclose the information. Website visitors who email comments, inquiries or online forms to TWC, or who provide personally identifiable information to TWC, should keep in mind that the Texas Public Information Act may require TWC to release such information if requested.

TWC may disclose personal information without user consent under the following conditions:

  • To perform the statutory duties of TWC
  • To operate a program authorized by law
  • As authorized by state or federal statute or regulation
  • Pursuant to a court order
  • To enforce TWC’s rights against unauthorized access or attempted unauthorized access to TWC’s information technology assets (i.e., disclose to federal or state law enforcement authorities)

TWC does not currently sell or rent information collected through its website. At this time, TWC does not have an opt-in or opt-out approach to data release and protection. TWC shares some information with government agencies and their contractors for the administration and enforcement of laws, including verifying eligibility for public assistance, supporting law enforcement activities and other purposes permitted by law. Allowable uses of confidential information may include performing statistical analysis, research and evaluation on programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, food assistance, and child support.

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In selected areas of the website, TWC encrypts information sent over the Internet using a secure socket layer (SSL) connection to enhance the security of information. In other areas, TWC provides only the security necessary to maintain the TWC website and the information provided as part of TWC's interactive services.

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Contact TWC

With few exceptions, visitors are entitled to receive and review personal information collected and to request that TWC correct any inaccurate personal information. These requests may be made to the Open Records department.

  • Email: open.records@twc.texas.gov
  • Call: 800-628-5115
  • Mail:
    Texas Workforce Commission
    Open Records Section
    101 E 15th St, Rm 266
    Austin TX 78778-0001

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