Information regarding a notice sent by private companies regarding past due Unemployment Insurance debt.

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Tax Relief Notification

Alert! Have you received a Tax Relief Notification or Final Notice regarding a debt owed to the State Taxing Authority? Several employers have recently reported they received a notice regarding a tax lien. The notice states they may be able to use the IRS Fresh Start Program to settle an employer’s tax debt for less than what you owe.

TWC did not send these notices and does not use a third party to collect or negotiate payment of Unemployment Insurance (UI) Taxes. Under Texas state law, UI Tax debts cannot be settled for an amount other than the debt owed.

These notices are from private companies who are not affiliated with TWC or the government. The private company obtains information regarding a lien through public lien records and uses that information to send the notice.  The notice normally includes text indicating it is from a private company, not the government, and does not represent or collect on behalf of the taxing authority.

See Payment Options for Unemployment Tax for information on how TWC accepts UI Tax payments.


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Examples of Notices

Example of a Tax Relief Notice sent by private company

Example of Final Notice letter sent by private company

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