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Be Prepared

It is important to prepare all of the documentation, witnesses and evidence that you need to support your side of the issues. This will increase your credibility and allow the Hearing Officer to make a just determination of the facts.

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Check the Status of Your Appeal

Within two to three weeks after submitting an appeal, you can go online to view the status of any appeal in which you are involved. For further details, visit After the Appeal Hearing. View a tutorial on how to check your appeals statusPDF online.

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Preparing Case Documentation

Document Evidence You Want to Present at Your Hearing

Case documentation could include:

  • Letters and memos
  • Timecards
  • Doctor’s statements/medical records
  • Photos
  • Maps/diagrams
  • Charts
  • Performance records

All documents must relate directly to the issues on the hearing notice. Be ready to tell who prepared the evidence and how it helps your case. Also, be ready to respond to evidence that the employer may offer against you in the hearing, such as warnings or reprimands.

Any documents you want to present during the hearing must be provided to the Hearing Officer and to the other party in your appeal (the claimant or the employer) if applicable.

  • For a telephone hearing, mail or fax a copy of all of the documents you want to present to the Hearing Officer and to the other party. Send them as far in advance as possible. Do not include documents already included in the hearing information packet. Documents cannot be used if they are not provided in enough time before the hearing begins.
  • The Hearing Officer's address and fax number is on the first page of the hearing information packet. If there is another party in your case, that person’s mailing address is also on the first page.
  • For an in-person hearing, you can bring the documents with you or send them in advance.

A Documentation of Evidence WorksheetDocumentation of Evidence Worksheet MS Word orDocumentation of Evidence Worksheet PDF is available to assist you in tracking the information you want to submit. This is for your use only; do not send this document to the Hearing Officer or other party.

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Preparing to Call Witnesses

Calling Witnesses & Notifying the Hearing Officer

If you wish to call witnesses, they should have personal (i.e., first hand) knowledge about the background, policies, incidents, or events regarding the issues on the hearing notice. For example, they either saw the incident, heard a supervisor say something directly, or saw the paperwork connected to the event.

Contact your witnesses before the hearing and have them arrange their schedules so they can participate in the hearing.

During the hearing, you must give the Hearing Officer your list of witnesses and the contact phone numbers. Have your witnesses remain available for the call until the Hearing Officer or you release them from the hearing.

If your hearing is in person, simply have your witnesses appear at the hearing location at the time and date for the hearing, or they may participate by phone as stated above.

An Issue/Witness WorksheetIssue/Witness Worksheet MS Word orIssue/Witness Worksheet PDF is available to organize the witness information. This is for your use; do not send this document to the Hearing Officer or other party.

If You Need to Subpoena Witnesses

A subpoena is a written legal order that requires a person to appear at a hearing to testify or produce documents for a hearing.

Subpoenas may be issued at the discretion of the Hearing Officer. A request for a subpoena will be granted only after the Hearing Officer determines that the records or witnesses requested to be subpoenaed are relevant to the issues on appeal.

TWC pays the applicable fees for issuing a subpoena.

Proper Etiquette for Appeal Witnesses

Share the Unemployment Benefits Appeals Witness Etiquette tool with your witnesses.

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Documenting Phone Conversations about Your Appeal

A Telephone Contact WorksheetTelephone Contact Worksheet MS Word orTelephone Contact Worksheet PDF is available for you to document any phone conversation you have about your appeal. This information is for your personal use; do not mail it to the Hearing Officer.

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Participating in Your Appeal Hearing

One Hour Before the Hearing 

For telephone hearings, you must register a phone number where you can be reached no earlier than one hour but preferably no later than 15 minutes from the hearing start time listed on the notice to ensure all parties are registered.

You can give us your phone number in one of two ways: 

  • Register online at C2T Online Registration and follow the instructions on that website. You will need your Case Number.
  • Call TWC at our toll-free number shown on your Notice of Hearing and speak with the receptionist.

If you do not register for your telephone hearing on time, you may not be allowed to participate in the hearing.

Beginning the Hearing

When it is time for the hearing, the Hearing Officer will call you and connect all parties and witnesses to a conference call. The hearing will begin when everyone is connected.

All of the hearings are scheduled for the Central Time zone. If you have any questions about when you should call, please call your Hearing Officer.

Why You Should Participate

It is very important that you call in for your hearing before the scheduled hearing time and that you take part in your appeal hearing. The Hearing Officers make their decision based entirely on the evidence given at the appeal hearing.

If you find you cannot participate in the hearing for any reason, call the Hearing Officer as soon as you can. TWC rules only allow Hearing Officers to delay or reschedule hearings in specific, limited cases.

Accommodations for Your Hearing

If you and/or your witnesses need access to any equipment (e.g., private phone, fax machine to send information, speakerphone to present witnesses’ testimony, or help operating the equipment) but you did not request accommodation in your appeal letter:

  • Call the TWC Tele-Center handling your claim.
  • Explain that you are scheduled for an appeal hearing.
  • Tell them the specific time and date of your hearing.
  • Tell them the specific accommodation you need.

Please inform us as early as possible if you need accommodations for the appeal hearing in any of the following areas:

  • If you or your witnesses need interpreters – include needed languages
  • If you or your witnesses have a hearing impairment

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Withdrawing Your Appeal

If you no longer want to proceed with the hearing, you have the option to withdraw your appeal. Only the individual who filed the appeal can withdraw or cancel the appeal.

The withdrawal of your appeal must be done in writing or recorded by contacting the Hearing Officer and also must contain the specific words that you wish to “withdraw your appeal.”

The appeal can be withdrawn either before or during the hearing.

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