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Career schools and colleges are privately-owned institutions that offer classroom or online training to teach the skills needed to perform a particular job. TWC licenses career schools and colleges and provides information and technical assistance to schools, students and the public.

Current career school or college students and people considering attending one can find useful information below. For additional information, contact TWC's Career Schools and Colleges department.

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Selecting a Career School or College

Program types, costs and student outcomes vary significantly between schools and colleges. TWC does not endorse one institution, organization or individual providing training over another. However, TWC recommends that prospective students shop wisely, using the information in the Directory of Licensed Career Schools & Colleges and other available resources.  The directory allows you to explore and compare programs on cost, length, enrollment, graduation rates, performance history (graduation, employment & placement rates) of graduates and school accreditation.

If a career school or college operates without a valid certificate of approval or exemption, TWC issues a cease-and-desist order and the school may no longer operate in Texas.

Other Resources for Selecting a Career or Postsecondary School or College

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Accreditation refers to a voluntary process in which postsecondary schools and colleges apply to an independent, non-governmental body to review their school and programs against defined standards. To remain accredited, a school must meet minimum standards established by the accreditor.

Accreditation is not required for TWC to license a career school or college to operate in Texas. However, to offer federal grant and loan programs to its students, one requirement is that a career school or college must be accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Also, career schools and college and postsecondary institutions, other than Texas public institutions, offering any degree program in Texas must be authorized under a Certificate of Authority or Certificate of Authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation also evaluates and recognizes accrediting agencies.

Accrediting Agencies Most Frequently Used by Licensed Career Schools in Texas

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How to Submit a Complaint Against a School

If you have a problem with your school, first attempt to get the school to address your concerns, following the complaint policy explained in your school catalog.

If your school cannot resolve your problem or you do not wish to follow your school’s process, you may submit a complaint with TWC’s Career Schools and Colleges department. If your school is accredited, you also can file a complaint with your school’s accrediting body.

To submit a complaint with TWC, complete one of the following forms, which includes instructions for how to submit it by mail, fax or email:

Follow the directions on the form carefully and provide as much detail as possible. Include copies of documentation to support your complaint. If you wish to submit your complaint anonymously, please be aware that without the name, address and complaint certification signature of an identifiable individual, our ability to use the information may be limited.

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School Closures

Enforcement Actions

TWC will work with a school operating in violation of law or rule to become compliant. If a school continues to operate in violation, we may impose penalties or sanctions as authorized by Texas Administrative Code sections 807.352 and 807.353. Assessments of Administrative Penalties may be found in the School Detail listing  for a particular school in the Licensed Career Schools and Colleges Directory Search.

Financial Aid

TWC regulates and licenses career schools in Texas, however our Career Schools and Colleges department does not provide financial aid assistance. For information about financial aid, review the resources linked below. You also may contact your Workforce Solutions office to see what benefits and training assistance you are eligible to receive.

Laws & Regulations

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Information for Career Schools & Colleges