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We Hire Ability Employer Recognition Program

We Hire Ability Employer Recognition Program

We Hire Ability LogoThe We Hire Ability program recognizes Texas employers for their commitment to hiring people with disabilities, and for their efforts to create an inclusive workforce.

This new employer recognition program invites Texas-based employers to apply for and be recognized for advancing a culture of inclusion in their workplaces.

TWC is excited to partner with employers who are making it a priority to hire, retain and develop the skills of individuals with disabilities throughout our state.

For more information please contact us at WeHireAbility@twc.texas.gov.

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We Hire Ability Nomination Criteria

Employers whose workforce includes individuals with disabilities in an integrated workplace, and in which they comprise at least 10 percent of the employer’s Texas-based workforce, are eligible to apply for, or be nominated to receive a We Hire Ability employer recognition decal to display on their storefront and a digital decal to display on their website.

To be included in the 10 percent, employees must be working:

  • full- or part-time, with part-time employment being at least 15 hours per week; and
  • in competitive, integrated employment as defined by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and its implementing regulations, as follows:
    • At minimum wage or above, and comparable to the customary rate paid by the employer to employees without disabilities in similar positions with comparable skills, experience, and training
    • In a competitive labor market setting, in which the employee with the disability interacts with employees without disabilities and with other individuals without disabilities (for example, vendors and their customers) to the same extent that employees without disabilities in similar positions interact with these individuals.

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We Hire Ability Recognition and Nomination Process

We Hire Ability is an employer recognition program celebrating businesses who are advancing a culture of inclusion in Texas. Employers whose Texas-based workforce is composed of a least 10 percent individuals with disabilities in competitive integrated employment are eligible to receive a “We Hire Ability” decal to display on their storefront, along with an electronic decal to display on their website. Employers selected for this recognition will be designated as We Hire Ability employers for a two-year period starting in January 2023 through December 2024. This statewide recognition is also aligned with the Texas Workforce Commission’s Texas HireAbility campaign and is designed to raise awareness about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

For the 2023–2024 biennium, nominations for We Hire Ability recognition are beginning on January 2023 through December 2024. Recognition decals issued for the 2023–2024 recognition period are valid through December 2024. Employers who previously received a We Hire Ability recognition decal are invited to reapply each biennium.

A local workforce development board (Board), a local mayor and county committee working in partnership with the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities, or a local VR manager, with approval by the VR Regional Director, may also submit a nomination form, with the employer’s permission.

  1. To self-nominate or to nominate a business to receive a We Hire Ability decal, please complete a survey:
  2. Once a completed submission is received, VR Program staff will acknowledge receipt by email confirmation.
  3. Please allow 7-10 days for TWC to review the employer’s submission and request any additional information as needed.
  4. Employers approved will receive a We Hire Ability decal and electronic file, along with a letter confirming their recognition as a We Hire Ability employer.

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