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5.14     Tax Department Forms In Current Usage

This section lists all forms currently in use by the Tax Department.

5.14.1    Forms
Number Form Title
Form C-1 C-1 Status Report
Form C-1A Instructions for Preparation of Status Report
Form C-1AM Amended Status Report
Form C-1C Account Identification Tag (Used by S/O Status ONLY)
Form C-1P Political Subdivision Status Report
Form C-1FR Farm and Ranch Status Report
Form C-1FRA Instructions for C-1FR
Form C-1(SA) State Agency Reporting Unit Status Report
Form C-3 Employer's Quarterly Report
Form C-3I Instructions for Form C-3
Form C-3B Affidavit Attached to Form C-3 (Estimated Report)
Form C-3C Affidavit Attached to Form C-3 (Wages from Records)
Form C-3GOV Governmental Unit Employer's Quarterly Report
Form C-3GOVI Instructions
Form C-3PS Political Subdivision Employer's Quarterly Report
Form C-3PSI Instructions
Form C-3RE Reimbursing Employer's Quarterly Report
Form C-3REI Instructions
Form C-4 Employer's Quarterly Report Continuation Sheet (Wages List)
Form C-5 Adjustment Report
Form C-5A Affidavit Attached to Form C-5
Form C-6 Application for Voluntary Election of Coverage
Form C-6A Election to Pay Reimbursement
Form C-6C Joint Application for Establishment of a Group Account
Form C-6D Joint Application for Addition of Members to a Group Account
Form C-6E Joint Application for Withdrawal of Members From a Group Account
Form C-6F Application for Withdrawal of Election to Pay Reimbursements
Form C-6G Joint Application for Termination of Group Account
Form C-7 Wages List Adjustment Schedule
Form C-8 Employment Status - A Comparative Approach
Form C-9 Affidavit Attached to Form C-1
Form C-10 Status Action (S/O Status Section ONLY)
Form C-10B Request for New Cross Tax Menu Name
Form C-11 Bankruptcy Information
Form C-12 Independent Contractor Questionnaire
Form C-13 Notice that Employment or Business Has Been Discontinued
Form C-15B Abstract of Judgment
Form C-15C Second Page of Judgment
Form C-17 Forms Request
Form C-17A Document Request
Form C-18 Notice of Assessment
Form C-22 Tax Rate Notice
Form C-22G Election by Cotton Ginners to Pay Tax at Fixed Rate
Form C-23 Rule 13 Coverage Hearing Issues Worksheet
Form C-24 Voluntary Contribution Election
Form C-25 Statement of Contributions, Penalties and/or Interest Due 
Form C-30 Auditor's Report of Service Charges
Form C-33 Abstract of Assessment
Form C-33A Abstract of Assessment
Form C-34 Magnetic Media Reporting Form
Form C-34A Continuation Sheet
Form C-34R Magnetic Media Reporting Form - Reimbursing Employer
Form C-34RA Continuation Sheet
Form C-38 Transfer of Compensation Experience Questionnaire
Form C-39 Request for Collection Agency
Form C-41 Employer's Property Inventory
Form C-42 Written Authorization (Power of Attorney)
Form C-43 Revocation of Written Authorization
Form C-45 Release of Lien
Form C-45A Cancellation of Lien
Form C-45B Release of Lien (Harris County)
Form C-47 Memorandum Notice to Attorney General
Form C-50 Authorization for Redetermination
Form C-51 Field Audit Report
Form C-51B Field Audit Report (C-51 continuation)
Form C-51C C-51 Audit Review Form
Form C-51D Schedule 1
Form C-51-E Schedule 1 Continuation Sheet
Form C-51F Schedule 2
Form C-51G Schedule 3
Form C-53 Employer Master Record
Form C-53A Employer Master Record Inquiry
Form C-55 Cashier's Field Receipt
Form C-58R Reimbursable Unemployment Benefits Statement
Form C-58R(NR) Instructions to Nonprofit Reimbursing Employers
Form C-58R(SA) Instructions to State Agencies
Form C-59 Specific Industry Questionnaire - Cosmetology
Form C-66A Quarterly List of Net Chargebacks and/or Chargeback Reversals
Form C-69M Tax Statement (Daily)
Form C-69QCR Quarterly Credit Statement
Form C-71 Application for Termination of Coverage
Form C-73R Temporary Inactive Notice
Form C-74 Excerpts from TUCA - Chapter 204 Subsection E - Acquisition of Experience Rate Employers
Form C-76 Summary of TUCA-Section 201,Sub. C Definition of Employer
Form C-77 Release of Judgment
Form C-78 Specific Industry Questionnaires - Truck Drivers
Form C-80 Wages List
Form C-81 Subpoena
Form C-81A Punishment Notice to Accompany Subpoena
Form C-81B Note to Sheriff Re Delivering Subpoena
Form C-82 Joint Application for Partial Transfer of Compensation Experience 
Form C-83 Wage Distribution Section of Joint Application for Partial Transfer of Compensation Experience
Form C-84 Region VI Interstate Collection Request
Form C-85 Delivery/Courier Service Questionnaire
Form C-86 Summary of Quarterly Wage
Form C-87 Post Audit Employer Survey (Letter with detachable response card)
Form C-92 T.W.C. Services Handout
Form C-94 Writ of Execution
Form C-95 Product Demonstrator Questionnaire
Form C-96 Joint Application for Total Transfer of Compensation  Experience
Form C-99 Contact Notice (Doorknob Hanger)
Form C-102 Pre-Audit Questionnaire
Form C-105 Real Estate Broker/Salesman/Instructor Questionnaire
Form C-110 Batch Proof Listing
Form C-198 Employer's Liability Notice
Form C-198LR Employer's Liability Notice
Form C-198R1 Report Due Notice - Accompanies Form C-198 LR
Form C-198SR Employer's Liability Notice
Form PI-5 Texas Unemployment Tax (Employer Responsibilities)
Form PI-5S Spanish version of PI-5
Form PI-5A Texas Unemployment Tax (Farm or Ranch Employers)
Form PI-5AS Spanish version of PI-5A
Form Y-10 Poster (Attention Employees) (English)
Form Y-10S Poster (Attention Employees) (Spanish)
Form Y-10PS Poster (Political Subdivisions)
Form Y-10PSS Spanish version of Y-10PS
Form FL-204 Tax Transmittal
Form FL-22 Payrolling
Form FL-24 Not Liable - 20 weeks
Form FL-92 Post Audit Letter


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