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Business Enterprises of Texas Vending Services Contracts


Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) manages third party contracts for vending services.  BET vending services maintains a list of all vending service sites, the vending needs of our customers, the contractor of each service site as well as the reported vending sales history.

Vending service contractors submit their monthly sales and commission reports electronically, along with supporting meter readings.  We continuously update the information on this site in order to provide you with as much assistance as possible in entering your sales information and to answer your questions about contracts.

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Finding New Bid Opportunities

Our vending services contracts are for an initial two-year period with two, two-year options to extend.  Open bid opportunities are published on the Texas State Comptroller’s website.

To search for new postings of bids for TWC vending services contracts:

  1. Under the Browse Postings option, Agency: Sort pull down list by Name, Number - select NUMBER.
  3. From the Search Type pull down list, select Search Bid/Procurement Opportunities (for bids which have not opened).
  4. For NIGP class - Item number, enter 961 in the “Class” box and 15 in the ”Item” box.
  5. Click on the GO button. If there are no current bids to be opened, you will receive the message "RECORD NOT FOUND."

To search by a keyword, go to the Search Postings section and type a search term, such as "vending" (including the quotes) in the text box, and then select the GO button.

Once a bid opens, you will not be able to find it under Search Bid/Procurement Opportunities search type.

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Reporting Logon

To enter your sales information, select the Sales and Commission Report.

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Online Reporting

Vending services contractors must submit the Sales and Commission Report. TWC will accept only vending information reported in this format. Failure to submit proper reports may result in penalties.

If you subcontract any portion of a contract, your company is responsible for submitting the Sales and Commissions Report. TWC will not accept the Sales and Commission Reports from any Subcontractors. Penalties may be enforced.

The online form documents meter readings and other sales and commissions information for all machines, by facility. This information must be submitted online on a monthly basis, no later than the first day of the following month. Sales and Commission Report information must reflect a calendar month, requiring that meter readings be submitted for the beginning and end of every month. 

Report Guidelines

When entering the monthly sales and commission information, remember the following:

  • Always use the comment section of the report to pass along pertinent information about the vending equipment, including reasons for missing information.
  • Single-price machines must use a non-resettable vend meter.
  • Multiple price machines must use a non-resettable dollars sold meter.

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Price & Commission Adjustments

Price adjustments, changes in commission rates (as reflected in the Invitation for Bid), service site deletions, changes in the number or type of vending machines, or the addition of new service sites must be approved by the BET Director or BET Vending Specialist. The Contractor must provide the BET Vending Specialist the date of all the machines installed or removed or if machine type has changed. If the host service site requests the contractor to remove machines due to the host moving or no longer needing machines, the contractor must notify TWC immediately.

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Contractor Penalties

Failure to accurately report any of the following information on the Sales and Commission Report may result in assessment of a penalty equal to the estimated monthly gross sales average listed on Attachment A – Service Site Listing at the time of bid or renewal year per service site per machine:

  • Machine number
  • Machine type
  • Beginning meter reading
  • Ending meter reading
  • Gross sales
  • Sales tax dollars
  • Commission percentage
  • Commission paid

All penalties are due 10 days after notification, and are payable to TWC by separate check. If penalties are not received within 10 days, an additional $20 penalty may be assessed.

Submit commission payment check(s) and attach documentation that includes Contractor name, Sales and Commission month/year for which payment is being submitted, the service area and the amount of the check.

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Commission Payments

Commission payments must be received by TWC no later than the fifth day of the second following month (for example, if the reporting period ends on the last day of February, commission payments are due April 5). If the fifth day of the following month falls on a weekend or a postal holiday, payments are due on the following TWC business day.

The monthly Sales and Commissions Report must be submitted prior to submitting the commission payments. If either a Sales and Commissions Report or a commission payment is received after its due date, the Contractor is subject to a late penalty of 3% of that month's gross sales. If the payment received does not equal the amount on the Sales and Commissions Report, the Contractor is subject to a late penalty of 3% of that month's gross sales. This penalty must be paid by separate check within 10 calendar days of notice by TWC and must be accompanied by the delinquent commission payment and/or Sales and Commission Report, if not previously submitted.

If commission payments and penalties are not received by the end of the calendar month in which the report was due, an additional penalty of 3% of that month's gross sales plus $20.00 will be assessed to the Contractor. If these commission payments and penalties are not paid by the end of the month following the month in which the report was due, TWC may cancel the contract in its entirety and exercise the performance bond.

If your company has more than one contract, a separate check must be submitted for each contract area. The check amount must match the amount submitted online, less any commissions that were mailed to a service site.

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Contact Information

If you have questions, feel free to contact the BET Vending Services Specialist at 512-377-0561.

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