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The Purchasing from People with Disabilities Advisory Committee advises Texas Workforce Commission on topics such as the Works Wonders program. Senate Bill 212 mandates TWC to form an advisory group for the Purchasing from People with Disabilities program goals. 

MemberRepresentingTerm Expires February
Platt AllenCRP Representative - Chair2025
Pamela Bullock Disability Representative2027
Monica MishawAdvocate Representative2027
Giovanne Washington Advocate Representative2025
Michael PhillipsDisability Representative, CRP2027
Lee TillsonDisability Representative, CRP2025
Veronica Estala GutierrezAdvocate Representative2027
Charlie GrahamCRP Representative2025
James Meehan CRP Representative2027
Kathy WilliamsDisability Representative2025
Lauren GerkenAdvocate Representative2025
Manuel Fields  CRP Representative2027
Chad RileyTexas Dept. of Health and Human Servicesstatutory