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This page is home to information about Commission Meetings.

About the Meetings

The Commissioners hear administrative reports, discuss and act on agency business, and decide unemployment insurance cases. The public is welcome to attend in person or watch via live stream. Please refer to each meeting agenda for the correct streaming link.

Meeting Location: 

Texas Workforce Commission 
101 E. 15th St., Room 244 
Austin, TX 78701

Upcoming Meetings
July 16, 2024 (10:00 a.m.) - Commission Meeting
July 30, 2024 (10:00 a.m.) - Commission Meeting
Please refer to the website Events calendar for all upcoming TWC meetings. Open meetings are also posted to the Texas Register per the Open Meetings Act.

Invitation to Comment

The Commission encourages the public to appear before it to speak on any issue under its jurisdiction, and includes a Public Comment opportunity on the agenda in each of its regular public meetings. Public comments at Commission Meetings may be limited to a reasonable number, frequency and length; however, the Commission does not and will not discriminate among speakers for or against a particular point of view.

Public Comment Procedure

Registration forms are available outside of the meeting room. Please fill out a form and turn it in to TWC staff at least ten minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting.

Virtual comment is also possible; please email or call 512-936-3671 by the last business day before the meeting to receive registration information.