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The JET program provides grants to buy and install equipment for career and technical education (CTE) courses. These courses must lead to a license, certificate or post-secondary degree in a high-demand occupation. The JET Advisory Board meets every quarter to review received applications.

Eligible grantees include:

  • Public junior, state or technical colleges
  • Texas Independent School Districts (ISDs) in partnership with a public junior, state, or technical college 
  • Open-enrollment charter schools in partnership with a public junior, state, or technical college
  • Windham School District

JET Student posing with a welding maskHow to Apply

FY24 JET Application Window is Closed

Eligible educational institutions can apply for JET funding through a competitive grant process. The complete FY24 RFA packet, which includes eligibility, requirements and submission documents can be downloaded from the TWC Procurement Portal website.

In order to prepare a submission, please log into the portal. If you do not have a Bonfire account, you can create an account by clicking the "Log in/Register" button on the portal. Registration is free.

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Students using training equipment to learn about the human skeletal system

For the FY 24-25 Biennium $30 million was allocated for: public junior, technical, and state colleges; Texas ISDs, open-enrollment charter schools who have partnered with a college; and the Windham School District.

These grants provide potential economic returns through:

  • Supporting emerging industries or high-demand occupations.
  • Offering new or expanded career and technical education (CTE) opportunities in public high schools.