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The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program helps people with disabilities prepare for, get, keep, and grow in meaningful career paths.

Creating Opportunities for Your Abilities

We help Texans with disabilities discover meaningful careers. Whether you want to find employment, advance in your current career, or prepare for a new career – we are here to help. Services are based on your individual needs, interests and goals. These services, provided by experts and counselors, who change the lives of thousands of Texans with disabilities.

What is Vocational Rehabilitation Services?

The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program helps people with disabilities prepare for, get, keep, and grow in meaningful career paths. We provide a range of services, guided by the idea of making well-informed choices. This means that services we provide are in line with your career aspirations, strengths, available resources, interests, and abilities.

Our counselors work with you to set goals and arrange the right services that lead to success. We're even involved in helping employers find qualified candidates to fill their job openings, selecting from the skilled jobseekers who are part of our program.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services partners with the state’s job centers, known as the Texas Workforce Solutions network. Our counselors are in Workforce Solutions Offices across Texas. We aim to provide the best possible services with a customer-first approach.

What types of disabilities are included?

Have you found it difficult for you to find a job? Has it been hard for you to be successful on the job due to a physical or mental disability? VR Services may be able to help you. Your counselor will help determine your eligibility for services. A few examples of the types of disabilities we support are:

  • Mental health condition 
  • Physical disability 
  • Hearing loss/deafness 
  • Chronic health condition 
  • Substance use disorder 
  • Learning disability 
  • Low vision or blindness

How can VR Services help me? 

Vocational Rehabilitation Services can help if you have any kind of disability and are seeking employment. Whether your disability is physical, such as a mobility challenge or is not visible, such as a mental health condition or learning disability, you may be eligible for services. Your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will support you during your journey by arranging services such as vocational counseling, assistive technology, and job-related training.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services may include:

  • Tuition assistance that leads to a career
  • Specialized training and adaptive equipment to help address a barrier to employment
  • Vehicle modification to travel to and from work on your own
  • Therapy and services that help lessen how much a disability affects your ability to find and keep a job

Your Journey to Employment 

  1. Assess your interests.
    • Your counselor can recommend career and disability assessments to determine your interests, skills and needs. 
  2. Create your employment plan.
    • Identify your employment goals and write a step-by-step plan together with your counselor to ensure you can achieve it. 
  3. Begin your journey on the path toward your employment goal. 
    • Your counselor will be there to support you. 

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