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Find Texas Workforce Commission's (TWC) major reports such as agency strategic plans and annual reports below.

The TWC Annual Reports summarize TWC's and Texas Workforce Solution's achievements and financial statuses in the previous year.

Federal funds make up most of the TWC budget.  Local boards receive formula-based grants and are responsible for program planning and administration. Grants are also distributed for employment, child care, and workforce support services.  

Employer-paid state unemployment taxes and reimbursements pay for state unemployment benefits. The U.S. allocates to the states to pay for administrative and operational costs.

Operating Budget
Legislative Appropriations Requests
Workforce Development Area Allocations

Each quarter we will post cost-efficiency suggestions submitted by TWC employees for public monitoring and response as required by Texas Government Code 2054.1264. Check this page to review and vote on each quarter’s agency staff suggestions.

There were no submissions from TWC employees to be considered for implementation from the most recent quarter. TWC encourages you to check back frequently to access an active link with any suggestions that will be posted for public vote.

TWC provides a list of all purchase contracts that we currently maintain.

State agencies are statutorily required to annually submit an EWMP to the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) that includes percentage goals for reducing usage of water, electricity, transportation fuel, and natural gas. The progress on TWC’s EWMP goals and activities are reported quarterly as required by the Governor's Executive Order RP-49.

For TWC’s complete EWMP report, visit the SECO website.

Quarterly Reports

The TWC Strategic Plan outlines the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the agency over the next five years as well as our strategies to meet our goals.