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The Civil Rights Division (CRD) enforces state and federal laws. The division conducts investigations into discrimination in employment and housing across the state.

Our training team provides discrimination training to employers and fair housing training sessions. We also provide personnel policy reviews of state agencies and institutions of higher education.

CRD provides information on unlawful employment, best housing practices, how to file a complaint, and how to request training. 

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Authority & Funding

The Civil Rights Division enforces Texas Labor Code, Chapter 21. The Division enters into an Annual Workshare Agreement and contract with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Division also enforces the Texas Fair Housing Act. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) enters into a cooperative agreement with the Division.

EEOC and HUD allocate funds to state and local agencies that investigate complaints filed under state or local laws that are substantially equivalent to the federal laws. These funds in general on based on case closures.

Texas Labor Code, Chapter 21, the Texas Fair Housing Act (Texas Property Code, Chapter 301) and other state and federal laws and regulations govern the programs administered by the Division.

State Agency Personnel Policy & Procedures Review

The TWC Civil Rights Division reviews personnel policies and procedures for Texas state agencies and public higher education institutions (excluding junior colleges) on a six-year schedule to ensure compliance with Texas Labor Code Chapter 21 (see Subchapter I, Personnel Policies & Procedures).

When your agency is due for review, we send the agency head a notification letter and request:

  • Copies of the Personnel Policies & Procedures System (PPPS) in advance of the on-site review.
  • The information needed to prepare the contract for the performance of the review.

If the review identifies no issues, we send the agency a letter certifying compliance with Texas Labor Code Chapter 21.

If the review identifies issues in your compliance with Texas Labor Code Chapter 21, we send the agency a recommendations letter. Your agency has 60 days to consider our recommendations and report to the Governor, the Legislature, the Legislative Budget Board, and CRD whether the agency implemented the recommendations and if not, state the reasons for rejecting any of the recommendations.

For assistance during the review process, contact the Compliance Monitor Team at