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Child Care by the Numbers provides:

  • information on the number of child care providers serving subsidized children, and
  • the number and percent of these providers who are Texas Rising Star certified. 

It also provides information on:

  • the number of children served, and
  • the number and percent of children who selected a Texas Rising Star certified program.

This information is available at the state level and for each of the 28 workforce areas – both current and historical data.

About the Data

The data provided is an overview of Texas Rising Star since October 2014. In reviewing the data, it is important to understand the various factors that can affect Texas Rising Star. These factors include changes in policies at the federal, state, and Local Workforce Development Board (Board) levels, changes in methodology for collecting and reporting data, the differences in populations in a Board’s local workforce development area (that is, urban or rural), and the seasonal changes in families’ child care needs.

Child Care by the Numbers presents data on children in care two different ways: 

  • average number of children per day – on average, how many children are receiving care each day 
  • unduplicated count – actual number of individual children served for one day or more in the report period. 

Data is provided annually and monthly: 

  • Annual - When annual data is reported, the year is based on the board contract year (BCY) of October 1st through September 30th. The data reported here begins in October 2014, or BCY ’15. 
  • Monthly - Monthly views will show the most recent 13-month look back. This allows the user to view seasonal trends and year over year data changes. 

About Texas Rising Star 

Texas Rising Star evaluates the quality of child care programs across Texas. These programs are part of the child care system managed by the Texas Workforce Commission. Child care places that meet certain rules get a Texas Rising Star certificate. This recognition goes to centers and homes that do things well. We assess how good they are with kids and rank them with 2, 3, or 4 stars. More stars mean better quality.

When a program gets Texas Rising Star certification, it means they provide care above the minimum standards. They have well-trained staff, teachers who interact and work well with children, and they manage operations effectively. Their indoor and outdoor learning spaces are also above minimum standards. These programs help children learn when they're young. And as they earn more stars, they make an even greater difference in children's lives every day. Learn more at

Child Care by Boards

  1. Workforce Solutions Panhandle
  2. Workforce Solutions South Plains
  3. Workforce Solutions North Texas
  4. Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas
  5. Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County
  6. Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas
  7. Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas
  8. Workforce Solutions East Texas
  9. Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas
  10. Workforce Solutions Borderplex
  11. Workforce Solutions Permian Basin
  12. Workforce Solutions Concho Valley
  13. Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas
  14. Workforce Solutions Capital Area
  15. Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area
  16. Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley
  17. Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas
  18. Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas
  19. Workforce Solutions Golden Crescent
  20. Workforce Solutions Alamo
  21. Workforce Solutions for South Texas
  22. Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend
  23. Workforce Solutions Lower Rio Grande Valley
  24. Workforce Solutions Cameron
  25. Workforce Solutions Texoma
  26. Workforce Solutions of Central Texas
  27. Workforce Solutions Middle Rio Grande
  28. Workforce Solutions Gulf Coast