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The Texas Rising Star program is a quality rating and improvement system for child care programs in Texas. Texas Rising Star programs meet a level of quality that exceeds Child Care Regulation standards.  All child care programs serving children in TWC's Child Care Services (CCS) scholarship program must participate in the Texas Rising Star program.

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Texas Rising Star Entry Level Designation

Effective March 31, 2023, all child care programs serving children in TWC's CCS scholarship program must participate in the Texas Rising Star program at least at the Entry Level. Additionally, child care programs that serve CCS children will need to meet star-level quality certification by September 30, 2024. More details are available on the Texas Rising Star website and in the following documents and webinars:

In addition to Entry Level, the Texas Rising Star program offers three progressive levels of quality certification:

  • Two-Star
  • Three-Star
  • Four-Star

These certification levels are tied to higher payment rates for children enrolled in the CCS program. 

TWC’s revenue calculator for Texas Rising Star can help child care providers determine their revenue at different levels of Texas Rising Star quality.

For child care programs: Texas Rising Star Revenue Calculator

Texas Rising Star Four-Year Review

Every four years, TWC conducts a comprehensive review of the Texas Rising Star program. To help inform the review, TWC established a Texas Rising Star workgroup. For more information on the most recent review, please visit the Texas Rising Star Workgroup - 2023 webpage.