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If you applied for unemployment benefits and received a notice from Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) with instructions to verify your identity (ID), then you must complete the ID verification to validate your claim. 

TWC added new security to our system. Beginning November 17, 2023, you will need an individual Access Code to start the ID verification process. If you received a letter with an Access Code, follow the instructions below. 

If your letter does not have an Access Code, watch your mail. TWC will send a new letter with your Access Code. If you have not received a new letter by December 15, 2023, contact TWC at 800-939-6631 to request a letter be sent to you. (Staff cannot give an Access Code by phone.)

YES - I Applied for Benefits

Verify My Claim & My ID

NO - I Did Not Apply for Benefits

Report ID Fraud

Go to Identity Verification and complete all steps to verify your identity.

Verify your ID only if you applied for benefits, because that validate you are the person who submitted the claim. 

Go to Report ID Fraud and complete the form to report you did not apply for benefits. 

Do not complete the ID verification if you did not apply for unemployment benefits. 

How to Use

TWC uses to verify the identity of a person who applied for unemployment benefits.

If you did not apply for unemployment benefits, you must not use because that will verify the fraudulent claim. See "If You Did Not Apply for Unemployment Benefits" (below) for more information. 

TWC partnered with, an identity verification service, to verify claimant information and prevent unemployment benefits ID fraud. The process is fast, easy, and secure. To use, you will need to create an account, or log in if you already have and account. 

Most claimants can verify their identity using the self-service webpage. You will need to use a smart phone and submit photos of your:

  1. Unexpired government-issued ID (driver license or passport).
  2. Financial and utility records (credit bureaus, mobile phone providers, etc.).
  3. Biometric verification (a photo of yourself, i.e. a "selfie" that matches the ID sent for #1).

You might not be able to have your identity verified using the self-service webpage if:

  • The photos of your government-issued ID or your personal photo (selfie) are blurry or shadowed.
  • If you have credit issues, such as no credit or frozen credit or your credit information is incorrect.
  • Or if the phone number you submit is not associated with your name.

If you cannot use the self-service option, you may be able to verify your identity during a video conference call with To verify your identity using a video call, you will need:

  1. Two primary forms of valid, unexpired IDs.
  2. A smart phone or tablet to take pictures.
  3. A device that will allow you to join a video call, such as a computer with a webcam and microphone or a phone with a camera.
    1. For the video call, you will need to upload pictures of your IDs, take a photo of yourself (selfie) and submit it, and be able to answer some questions verbally.

If an imposter applied for unemployment benefits using your Social Security number (SSN), please report the unemployment ID fraud claim on TWC’s secure online fraud portal.

Do not complete any verification because that validates the claim.

See the Unemployment Benefits Identity Fraud page for more information. 

Need Help Using

Check out the Help Center if you have questions about or need help. Troubleshooting topics include: 

  • I can’t sign in to my account.
  • My documents were rejected.
  • I can’t upload photos of my documents.
  • My selfie didn’t work.
  • I have more than one account.