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Find a career by using the following resources.

Create a account to search and apply for Texas jobs that fit your needs.

Job Fairs

Search for State of Texas Jobs

Find and apply for jobs with Texas state agencies or universities. Employment rules are different at each state agency, but all agencies require that a State of Texas Application for Employment be submitted for each position. Résumés are not accepted in place of applications. Contact each agency to learn its rules. 

Register for a free jobseeker account at and let us build and complete your State of Texas Application for Employment during the registration process. 

Search for Federal Jobs

Search for jobs at USAJOBS, the official federal government job website.

Plan Your Career

Learn about new career opportunities, as well as finding pay and job information. You can take online classes to improve your job-seeking skills and use helpful tools for finding jobs.

Career Planning Services for Students

Find out about different jobs that match what you like and what jobs are available right now.

Foundation High School Program

Learn how to use the helpful resources from the Foundation High School Program law made by House Bill 5 in 2013.

Increase Your Skills 

We can help you learn new skills to succeed. You can find ways to grow your skills at an office, a career school or college.  Our apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs are also great for building skills.