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Find Texas Workforce Commission's (TWC) program reports such as Child Care & Early Learning reports and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) reports.

Strategic Plan

Progress Report for Strategic Plan

Outcome Report to the Texas Legislature

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Child Care Program Evaluation of Effectiveness

The Evaluation of Effectiveness of Subsidized Child Care Program is a report by Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) as required by Texas Labor Code §302.0043. The objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the subsidized child care program in assisting parents who receive care to maintain employment. TWC is required to report the results of the evaluation to the legislature no later than January 15 of each odd-numbered year.

State Plans

Annual Reports

College Credit for Heroes Reports to the Texas Legislature

Report on the Transition from Military Service to Employment

Combined State Plan

WIOA requires states to develop and submit a four-year plan for achieving the state’s workforce goals. TWC’s WIOA Combined State Plan (CSP) includes information relating to the WIOA core programs and other programs administered by TWC, including the Senior Community Service Employment Program and the Wagner-Peyser Agricultural Outreach plan. The CSP also highlights goals and strategies to do the following:

  • Align, coordinate and integrate education, employment and training programs
  • Guide investments to ensure that training and services are meeting the needs of employers and individuals
  • Engage economic, education and workforce partners in improving the workforce development system
  • WIOA Combined State Plan Two-Year Modification for PY 2022-2023

Annual Reports

Annual Reports