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The Compact with Texans was established during the 76th Texas legislative session through Senate Bill 1563, which is outlined in Chapter 2114 of the Government Code.

The Compact mandates that state agencies share valuable information with the public, which includes details about their:

  • Mission and programs
  • Customer service principles
  • Procedures for addressing public inquiries and complaints
  • Customer wait times, and
  • Licensing and certification procedures

Customer Service

At the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), we prioritize serving the public with respect, concern, and courtesy. Our employees and partners conduct themselves in a manner that inspires public confidence in our agency. 

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service to all individuals we serve, including:

  • Job seekers and employees
  • Businesses and employers
  • Community and workforce partners

Our employees are dedicated to quality customer service. In fact, all TWC employees have quality customer service standards as part of their job performance reviews, including:

  • Take prompt, attentive action to address customer needs
  • Follow through on tasks, meeting schedules and deadlines
  • Conduct business in a professional manner
  • Apply knowledge effectively in performance of job duties
  • Use a considerate and tactful approach in serving customers

We measure our success by gathering valuable feedback from:

  • Customer surveys
  • Evaluations, and 
  • Other assessment tools

How Are We Doing?

Take our Customer Service Survey to provide valuable feedback and help us improve your experience.

Response to Concerns & Complaints

At the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), we value customer communication. Our knowledgeable representatives are here to assist you by:

  • Assisting you with complaints and concerns
  • Responding to you in a timely manner
  • Using telephone, letter, or email

The Customer Relations unit coordinates and follows up on complaint resolution within our agency.

We understand the importance of keeping you informed by:

  • Communicating with you if there are delays in providing assistance 
  • Acknowledging all written and electronic communications within five business days and telephone calls within one day
  • Understanding timeliness, but we also prioritizing the quality of our services