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The Career Schools and Colleges program regulates career schools and colleges in Texas. These are private postsecondary schools where students learn vocations or to help them in their current jobs. Some students go to a classroom to learn, while others study from home through the computer.

We offer help and important information to different groups of people. We are here to help current, past and future students at these schools. We also support schools that are already licensed to operate and those that are thinking about starting a career school.

Our services are available to the public as well, which means anyone who needs information or guidance can reach out to us. Whether you are a student, school staff, or a curious individual, we are here to provide technical aid and answer any questions you may have.

What We Do

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Education & Training

Authority & Funding

Career schools and colleges pay fees to get and maintain their licenses. The money collected from these school fees fund the regulation of career schools and colleges.

Our program's authority comes from two important sources: Texas Education Code, Chapter 132, and Texas Administrative Code, Title 40, Part 20, Chapter 807