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The Unemployment Tax Services (UTS) system is a free online service that allows employers to:

  • File wage reports with 1,000 or fewer employees. 
  • Pay taxes. 
  • Update your contact information. 
  • Update your account status.

Recommended browsers are ChromeEdgeFirefox, or Safari. Click on the respective link to download the latest free version.

With UTS you can:

  • Submit quarterly wage reports for up to 1,000 employees.
  • Pay unemployment tax using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit method or credit card. 
  • Check your account balance.
  • View tax account information including:
    • Statement of account
    • Chargeback details
    • Tax rates
    • Quarterly wage reports history
    • Payment history
    • Tax account profile
  • Manage who can access your tax account by approving, updating, or removing users.
  • Adjust past wage reports by correcting employees’ names, wages, or Social Security numbers.
  • Request a tax rate notice, required workplace posters or certification to the IRS of the wages reported to TWC.
  • Submit a domestic employer's annual report.
  • Update your phone number, mailing and payroll addresses.
  • Save an in-progress report and complete it later.
  • Sort employee lists by Social Security number or name.
  • Close or reopen your tax account or add a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • UTS automatically calculates the taxable wages for each employee for the quarter being reported, based on their Social Security number.

To access an account on UTS, you must first register for a User ID and password. If you already have a User ID for another TWC Internet system, you may use it to access UTS. And you can use the same User ID to access more than one tax account.

Registering for a User ID

If you do not have a User ID, the registration process is simple and quick. Visit UTS and select the link to sign up for a User ID. Please note that this is your User ID. It has nothing to do with your company until you associate it with your company’s tax account. So please be sure to register the User ID in your name with your personal information. It is your User ID to access our on-line systems.

Guard your user ID and password as you would for any other important account. You will need the information each time you use this service.

Once you have a User ID, follow these steps to access your account:

  1. Logon to UTS and select the My Home tab.
  2. Select Request Employer Access from the Quick Links menu.
  3. Enter the TWC tax account number and select Next.

User ID Review Process

If the tax account does not have an account administrator, you will be asked a security question. It will be something off the last report that was filed. If you answer it correctly, you will be the administrator User ID for that account.

If the account already has an account administrator, your request will be placed in a pending status. The administrator will receive an email letting them know you have requested access to the account. Your User ID will remain in pending status until the account administrator approves your access. The administrator simply needs to log in to UTS and review your request. They can then approve your access and grant you permissions to perform specific tasks. The administrator may grant you permission to:

  • Submit quarterly wage reports.
  • Pay unemployment taxes.
  • Manage tax account information.
  • Manage user permissions.

If you request access to more than one account, the administrator will need to follow the above process for each account. If they approve your access and grant permissions for one account, the approval will not automatically apply to all the accounts.

Please note: TWC is not the administrator and cannot approve account access or assign permissions to any user. Only the account administrator can approve user access and assign permissions for a tax account. Contact the account administrator for your access and permissions needs.

The UTS account administrator is typically an owner, partner, officer, or other designated representative of the company. The account administrator controls access to the tax account.

There can be more than one administrator for an employer's tax account. In fact, TWC recommends that each tax account have at least two administrators. Having multiple account administrators will help avoid having to contact TWC for help if the sole account administrator leaves your employment.

Please note: TWC is not the administrator and cannot approve account access or assign permissions to any user. Only the account administrator can approve user access and assign permissions for a tax account.

The first person to register for access to the tax account becomes the account administrator after providing information that verifies their authority. If the account already has an account administrator, anyone requesting access will be placed in a pending status. The existing account administrator will receive a system email to approve or deny access. If access is approved, the administrator will also grant the appropriate permissions.

The account administrator has all access to the tax account. As the administrator, you can:

  • File and adjust wage reports.
  • Submit payments.
  • Update the tax account.
  • Control who has access to the online tax account.
  • Assign permissions to approved users.

Each employer’s tax account is managed separately. For each user you approve, you must assign the appropriate permissions for each tax account.

Reviewing an Access Request & Granting Permissions

The system will send an email to the account administrator for each new request for account access. To review the request:

  1. Logon to UTS.
  2. Select the User Admin tab.
  3. Select Applicant List on the Quick Links menu.
  4. Select Review in the Action column for the applicant's profile.
  5. Select Approve or Deny.
  6. If you approve, select the appropriate permissions.
  7. Submit your changes.

Important Information about Permissions

The permissions you grant will determine a user’s access on UTS. You can grant one, some, or all permissions to any user.

To allow a user to file or adjust wage reports, you would grant Manage Wage Reports permission.

If you do not want the user to have access to your bank information, do not grant permission to:

  • Make Payment
  • View Payment
  • Bank Information

To make the user an account administrator, grant Manage User Accounts permission. The user will then be allowed to approve new users and manage permissions.

Changing an Approved User's Permissions

The account administrator may add or delete an approved user’s permissions. To do so:

  1. Logon to UTS.
  2. Select the User Admin tab.
  3. Select User List in the Quick Links menu.
  4. Select View Profile in the Action column.
  5. Select Edit Permissions in the Action column.
  6. Select the appropriate permissions.
  7. Submit your changes.

It is important to keep your UTS user profile information current.   The system will require you to change your password every 180 days.  This is the way we contact you regarding account access requests.  A current profile is also critical to the User ID recovery and password reset processes. 

To update your profile:

  1. Logon to UTS.
  2. Select My Profile in the top right-hand area.
  3. Select the appropriate link in the quick Links menu.
  4. Select Submit on each link where you have made changes.

Keep your user profile information in a safe place. Record your information exactly as you typed it in. Your password and answers to your security questions are case-sensitive. 

TWC cannot change your profile information. TWC also cannot provide your logon credentials to you.

The fastest way to recover your User ID or reset your password is to use the Forgot User ID or Forgot Password link on UTS. Do not attempt to log in. Instead, select the Forgot User ID or Forgot Password link on the Quick Links menu.

Forgot User ID?

  1. Select Forgot User ID on the Quick Links menu.
  2. Enter your name and email address associated with your User ID.
  3. Select Next. If the name and email address you entered matches a User ID in UTS, you will see the log-in page.  Your User ID will be displayed.
  4. Enter your password. If you also need to reset your password, follow the Forgot Password? steps below.
  5. Select Logon. 

Forgot Password?

  1. Select Forgot Password on the Quick Links menu.
  2. Enter your User ID and name.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Answer the Security Question. The answer is case-sensitive.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Create a new password that you have not used in the last 12 months.
  7. Submit your changes.

Guard your user ID and password as you would for any other important account. You will need the information each time you use this service.  If you need to update your security questions and answers, see the Updating your User ID Profile section.

Need UTS Access Help?

If you are unable to access the employer’s unemployment tax account, recover your User ID, or reset your password, please submit a Contact Request.  From the Employer menu, select:

  • Reason for Contact:  User Log-On/Password Issues
  • Issue that you are having:  Select the appropriate issue.

You can file a wage report for up to 1,000 employees on UTS. If you have more than 1,000 employees to report, see Employer’s Quarterly Report Filing Options. To file a report on UTS:

  1. Logon to UTS.
  2. Select the Report Filing tab from the My Home page.
  3. Select Wage Reports from the Quick Links menu.
  4. Choose the wage report to file. If you have wages to report, select File Report.
  5. If you did not pay any wages in the quarter, select No Wages.
  6. Review the basic report information.
  7. If you are filing a No Wages report, select File Report. If you are filing a report with wages, go to step 8.
  8. Enter the number of employees you had each month of the quarter.
  9. Select the Texas county from the drop-down list.
  10. Indicate whether you paid wages in another state to any of the Texas employees on this quarter’s report.
  11. You have three options for entering wage information. You can enter wages manually, upload a file, or use the last wage report filed to pre-populate employee names and social security numbers only. File upload help is provided on UTS.
  12. Review the information and revise, if needed.
  13. Select Continue once you have reviewed the wage information.
  14. You can either file your report now or save your information to file later.
  15. Select File Report to file your report now. You will receive a printable confirmation page.
  16. Select Save as Incomplete to save your information without filing your report.
  17. If you Save as Incomplete, remember to come back before the due date and File Report. When you are ready to file the report, follow steps 1 to 3 above. Then select Edit to recall your saved information. Next, follow steps 12 to 15 to file your report.
  18. Look for an email confirmation from TWC.

Note: If you are a successor employer with a transferred rate from the predecessor employer, UTS will not calculate the taxable wage amount correctly. You should contact your tax account representative for help.

Required Wage Report Information

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Number of employees, both full- and part-time, employed in the months covered by the wage report
  • Texas county where the greatest number of your employees worked
  • Number of employees who worked outside the county you reported above
  • A Social Security number for each employee unique to that quarterly wage report
  • Each employee's last name and first initial (the middle initial is optional)
  • Texas wages paid to each employee for the quarter
  • Wages paid to each employee and reported to a state other than Texas, if applicable

Tips for Submitting a Wage Report

  • Each UTS page has a "Need help?" link that takes you to a Help page that explains the page's purpose and defines each field.
  • If you logoff prior to submitting the wage report, your report is automatically saved as incomplete. Incomplete wage reports are available for you to resume editing or to delete.
  • Prior to filing the wage report, you will be able to review and edit the entered information. Once you file the wage report, you will receive a printable confirmation page.
  • Filed reports are available for viewing via the Report Filing tab.
  • You can delete a report until we have extracted it for processing. If the report has been extracted, the Delete link will not display.
  • To correct a quarterly wage report that has been submitted, you must file a wage adjustment report. For more information, see How to Adjust a Filed Wage Report Online.
  • Employer Quarterly Reports must be submitted before 12:00 a.m. (midnight) Central Time on the due date. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday on which TWC offices are closed, the report is due on the following business day. Late reports are subject to penalties. See Tax Report & Payment Due Dates for more information.

UTS offers two ways to submit your tax payment:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit method. ACH debit payments can be scheduled in advance of the actual payment date. There is no charge for ACH debit payments.
  • Credit card using American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

Some employers are required to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). See How to Pay Unemployment Taxes Online for more information.

To remove your own access to a tax account:

  1. Logon to UTS.
  2. Select the My Employer's link from the My Home page.
  3. Select the Remove link to under the Action column for the chosen employer account.

If you are the account administrator and need to remove a user’s access:

  1. Logon to UTS.
  2. Select the User Admin tab.
  3. Select the User List link.
  4. Select View Profile for the desired user.
  5. Select Remove from Group in the Action Column.

If you are the employer and need to remove access for the only account administrator, contact us.  Include your:

  • TWC account number
  • Your name and title
  • Request to remove the account administrator

Once we remove the user, you will need to establish a new account administrator. 

Due to state confidentiality laws, we cannot release confidential information about an account. We cannot release log in credentials or approve access to a tax account.

Privacy Information

Texas Workforce Commission collects personal information entered into electronic forms on this Internet site. For more information on your rights to request, review and correct information submitted on our electronic forms, see TWC's Website Privacy & Security Information.  

Public Computer

If you are using a computer in a public place, log off and close the browser when you are finished using this website to prevent others from viewing your information.