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TWC seeks to buy goods and services from Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) whenever possible. TWC mostly obtains vendors from the State Comptroller's Statewide Purchasing Division (SPD). This division includes the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) area. 

HUB Definition & Goals

A HUB is a profit-making entity in which at least 51 percent ownership of the business is by a woman, minority, and/or service-disabled veteran. The business owners of eligible HUBs must also be Texas residents.

TWC has adopted the State’s expenditure goals as its own, as shown below. Listed below are contract types primarily used at TWC.

  • 32.9 percent for all special trade construction contracts
  • 23.7 percent for professional services contracts
  • 26.0 percent for all other services contracts
  • 21.1 percent for commodities contracts

TWC's HUB Program

TWC’s HUB Program 

TWC's HUB Program provides quality service to agency users while meeting legislative HUB contract goals. To improve disparities in statewide business, TWC’s HUB program assists customers with the following: 

  • Information about HUB opportunities
  • Sponsoring and participating in forums, seminars, and conferences
  • Equal access to bid information

Economic opportunity forums educate and assist HUB businesses selling goods and services that TWC frequently purchases. They offer HUBs insight into the procurement and bid process. They also expand access to information for preparing and submitting bids.  To learn more, see Procurement Resources.

HUB Reporting

A critical element of the state HUB Program is the reporting process. The SPD Division of the Comptroller of Public Accounts administers the process. SPD also prepares reports of HUB activity in September and March of each year. The reports identify total expenditures for all agencies and the amount of HUB participation for each agency. State agencies are able to supplement this with subcontracting information. 

A vendor must receive certification during the reporting period to be included in the final agency spending report.

To learn more, see the State Purchasing: HUB Reporting on the CPA website.

Legislative Authority

Texas Government Code 2161 requires state agencies to make a good faith effort to meet HUB goals for all purchases.