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To be a Board member, you must finish the New Board Member Orientation within the first 90 days of certification. If you do not, you cannot serve on the Board.  

The training shows how a high-quality workforce leads to better economies in local communities. The training also includes topics like working toward successful workforce development programs.

You have three training options:

  • A short classroom presentation offered periodically (and by request) in different locations
  • A self-directed course in the printed New Board Member Orientation Guide training packet 
  • A self-directed course in the New Board Member Orientation Guide (linked below)

For more information, call 512-463-3029 or email

New Board Member Orientation Materials

The New Board Member Orientation Guide presents a high-level overview that includes:

  • How the Texas workforce system relates to local economic development efforts
  • How strategic planning and visionary leadership is important to the Workforce Development Board
  • How the Board member ensures the success of workforce development in their area

The Board Orientation Appendices to the guide include:

  • A description of the Texas Workforce Investment Council
  • A plan to use an employer-driven, customer-friendly and effective system with successful results
  • A plan to ensure local accountability and financial and program integrity
  • A list of performance measures for employment and training programs under Board jurisdiction

Certificate of Completion

To document your training, fill in and print your Certificate of Completion. Then sign and date it and submit it by email, fax or mail to the Training and Development Department.