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Career Schools and Colleges Credit for Veterans and Service Members


The Career Schools and Colleges Credit for Veterans Program seeks to facilitate the award of postsecondary course credit that leads to the award of workforce credentialing to veterans and service members based on their military experience, education, and training. The program’s mission is to prepare veterans for employment in certain industries to accelerate their entry into the Texas workforce.

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Under Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 132.026 and 132.055, Texas’s proprietary Career Schools and Colleges must consider skills obtained through military experience, education, and training. Texas Administrative Code Chapter 807.121(e)(7) requires that Career Schools and Colleges grant credit for experience, education, or training for programs that align with the military course credit directory.

Career Schools and Colleges enrolling military veterans must complete the following forms prior to enrollment:

  • Enrollment Agreement: All enrollment agreement forms must have a selection that identifies the student as a veteran.
  • Form CSC-010 (December 2022) must list the veterans Occupational Specialty and the Program of Study for which they are enrolling. 
    • Enrollment staff must complete the form identifying the program length (hours) and how many credited hours are being granted, if applicable. 
    • Enrollment staff must provide an explanation if credit is not awarded for part or all of a Program.

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Military Course Credit Directory and Forms

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Contact us at CSCforHB33@twc.texas.gov for more information about the program. If you are a career school or college representative, staff members are available to assist with the credit evaluation process.

To learn more about evaluation processes in the award of credit for military experience, education, and training you may also visit the following sites:


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