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Respond to a Request for Earnings Information letter and an Earnings Verification form online with Unemployment Insurance Benefits Earnings Verification.

TWC uses earnings information to make sure a claimant’s benefit payments are correct. Accurately reported earnings reduce overpayments.

A claimant’s reported earnings cannot differ from what an employer reports. If there is a difference, TWC will adjust the claimant’s benefits. TWC must adjust a claimant's benefits when the employer reports higher earnings than the claimant reported. The adjustment could result in a chargeback reduction. A chargeback reduction can possibly lead to a reduced employer tax rate.

To log on to Unemployment Insurance Benefits Earnings Verification, you need the claimant's Social Security number and the Access Key provided on the Request for Earnings Information letter or Earnings Verification form. 

For help, view a tutorial on How to Complete Earnings Verifications Online.