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State of Texas Application for Employment

How to Apply

Employment rules are different at each state agency, but all agencies require that a State of Texas Application for Employment be submitted for each position. Résumés are not accepted in place of applications. Contact each agency to learn its rules.

You can complete your State of Texas Application for Employment in two ways: go online to and let us build and complete your application for you, or complete your own by saving an electronic copy or printing a paper copy.

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Online Application in

Register for a free job seeker account at and let us build and complete your State of Texas Application for Employment during the registration process.

Great Reasons to Register with

  • Free registration
  • Access to other job search resources
  • Statewide customer support
  • E-mail notifications
  • Access to other Texas jobs

Advantages to Using for Your State of Texas Application for Employment

  • Our State of Texas Application Wizard makes it easy to complete your application.
  • You can build or update your résumé and application at the same time.
  • automatically lists your employment history chronologically, no matter what order entered.
  • Our system auto-populates the state application and all required additional forms with information you enter.
  • Some state agencies only accept applications completed and submitted through
  • Completed applications can be customized and printed.
  • Specific contact and how-to-apply instructions are available for all state jobs that you match to while using
  • If you register with, not only can you find state jobs, but state employers can find you.

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Application Form for Download

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