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Solid Employment Growth in July Leads to More Records in Texas

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August 18, 2023

AUSTIN ⎯ Texas has more jobs, more people employed, and more people willing and able to work than ever before as growth continued in July. Total nonfarm employment increased by 26,300 positions over the month to reach a 22nd consecutive series-high level at 13,969,100 jobs and achieved 29 consecutive months of growth. Since July 2022, Lone Star State employment grew by 441,700 positions—again, leading the nation in number of jobs added over the year.

The number of employed persons also reached a new record high adding 34,800 people over the month to reach 14,464,700. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained at 4.1 percent in July. The Texas seasonally adjusted civilian labor force grew over the month to 15,078,400 in July.

“Texas leads the nation in sustainable job growth with more than 2.7 million positions added in the past decade,” said TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel. “The Texas economy remains strong, and TWC will continue to provide support through tools and resources for job seekers and employers alike.”

Leisure and Hospitality lead job growth for all the major industries with 9,800 jobs added over the month. Manufacturing added 6,600 jobs, closely followed by Private Education and Health Services, which tacked on 6,400 positions. Texas’ annual employment growth through July 2023 was stronger than the national rate in all but one of the 11 major industries, Leisure and Hospitality. That industry already recovered in Texas while employment remains below the pre-COVID threshold nationally.

“Following a net increase of 26,300 jobs in July, all but 400 of those jobs were in the private sector, illustrating that the Lone Star State continues to be the most attractive state for business,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Aaron Demerson. “It is important to continue encouraging that job growth by utilizing our programs at TWC that help Texas employers grow their business, like the Skills Development Fund and the Skills for Small Business grant program.”

The Midland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) reached the lowest unemployment rate among Texas MSAs with a not seasonally adjusted rate of 2.9 percent in July, followed by Amarillo 3.6 percent, then Austin-Round Rock, College Station-Bryan, and Odessa at 3.8 percent, each. The Midland MSA again had the largest over-the-year percentage increase in number of jobs in the nation, not seasonally adjusted, while Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington MSA had the second largest overall number of jobs added.

“Our civilian labor force continues to grow as more and more people relocate to Texas and become a part of the strongest employment ecosystem,” said Commissioner Representing Labor Alberto Treviño III. “TWC supports over 14.4 million working Texans by offering valuable services for training, job search and vocational rehabilitation support services.”

Employment estimates released by TWC are produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. All estimates are subject to revision. To access this and more employment data, visit

The Texas Labor Market & Career Information Data for August is scheduled to be released on Friday September 15, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. (CDT).

Civilian Labor Force Estimates for Texas Metropolitan Statistical Areas Not Seasonally Adjusted (In Thousands)
 July 2023June 2023July 2022
United States168,354.0161,982.06,372.03.8167,910.0161,559.06,351.03.8165,321.0159,067.06,255.03.8
Austin-Round Rock1,454.81,399.455.43.81,446.31,395.850.53.51,400.91,359.341.63.0
Beaumont-Port Arthur171.0159.511.56.8169.6158.710.96.4164.6154.410.26.2
College Station-Bryan147.3141.65.63.8147.0141.75.33.6140.9136.14.83.4
Corpus Christi206.8196.510.35.0205.1195.69.44.6203.4193.310.15.0
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington4,458.34,273.3185.04.14,403.84,233.6170.33.94,256.94,101.3155.63.7
Dallas-Plano-Irving MD3,019.22,893.8125.34.22,983.72,868.1115.73.92,882.12,777.7104.33.6
Fort Worth-Arlington MD1,439.11,379.559.64.11,420.11,365.554.63.81,374.91,323.651.33.7
El Paso381.8362.119.75.1376.9360.016.94.5371.8355.816.04.3
Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land3,626.63,452.2174.44.83,601.23,440.4160.84.53,510.83,358.4152.44.3
San Angelo58.
San Antonio-New Braunfels1,291.11,,287.41,237.949.43.81,252.91,205.347.63.8
Wichita Falls65.362.42.94.565.
Texas Nonagricultural Wage and Salary Employment Seasonally Adjusted
INDUSTRY TITLEJul 2023*June 2023Jul 2022June '23 to Jul '23Jul '22 to Jul '23
Absolute ChangePercent ChangeAbsolute ChangePercent Change
Total Nonagricultural13,969,100 13,942,800 13,527,400 26,300 0.2   441,700 3.3     
Total Private11,922,700 11,896,800 11,530,400 25,900 0.2   392,300 3.4     
Goods Producing1,995,900 1,985,900 1,919,700 10,000 0.5   76,200 4.0     
Mining and Logging220,600 221,900 202,300 -1,300 -0.6   18,300 9.0     
Construction811,600 806,900 786,400 4,700 0.6   25,200 3.2     
Manufacturing963,700 957,100 931,000 6,600 0.7   32,700 3.5     
Service Providing11,973,200 11,956,900 11,607,700 16,300 0.1   365,500 3.1     
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities2,791,100 2,785,500 2,721,500 5,600 0.2   69,600 2.6     
Information240,700 243,700 234,200 -3,000 -1.2   6,500 2.8     
Financial Activities917,700 914,800 884,000 2,900 0.3   33,700 3.8     
Professional and Business Services2,130,800 2,136,500 2,094,300 -5,700 -0.3   36,500 1.7     
Education and Health Services1,908,700 1,902,300 1,810,900 6,400 0.3   97,800 5.4     
Leisure and Hospitality1,464,000 1,454,200 1,415,400 9,800 0.7   48,600 3.4     
Other Services473,800 473,900 450,400 -100 0.0   23,400 5.2     
Government2,046,400 2,046,000 1,997,000 400 0.0   49,400 2.5     


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