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Texas Job Growth Continues in April with Record Job Count

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May 19, 2023

Labor Force and Number Employed Also Reach Record Highs

AUSTIN ⎯ Texas achieved 26 consecutive months of growth in total nonfarm employment in April 2023, with the state again eclipsing records for the largest civilian labor force and greatest number of people employed in state history. The seasonally adjusted civilian labor force increased by 62,184 to reach a series-high 14,960,308 people, while the unemployment rate held steady at 4.0 percent. Texas added 33,300 positions to reach another series-high job count at 13,871,100 total nonfarm jobs. Annually, the Texas job count increased more than any other state, with 534,600 positions added since April 2022.

"Texas continues its strong job creation trend with more than one million jobs added since April 2019," said TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel. "TWC continues to work to meet the growth across the state and support workforce needs with training solutions that start as early as high school."

Every one of the 11 major industries had positive annual growth in Texas, with all but one industry, Construction, achieving positive over-the-month growth. In April, Professional and Business Services had the largest monthly gain with 8,700 jobs added, followed by Trade, Transportation and Utilities with 6,400 positions, and Leisure and Hospitality following closely with 6,200 positions.

"The fact that every single industry in Texas has sustained positive growth over the year is a testament to the strength of Texas employers, large and small, and the health of our economy," said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Aaron Demerson. "Texas is leading the way and on the forefront of technology and many other high-demand sectors, and TWC is here to provide resources for training to employers so they can ensure their workforce meets their business needs."

The Midland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) reached the lowest unemployment rate among Texas MSAs with a not seasonally adjusted rate of 2.3 percent in April, followed by Amarillo at 2.8 percent, then College Station-Bryan at 2.9 percent. Nationally, over the year, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington MSA ranked second for number of jobs added, while the Midland MSA ranked first in America for percentage of jobs added.

“We belong to a diverse and skilled workforce which requires a multitude of resources to sustain this job growth and keep Texans working,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Alberto Treviño III. “From adult education and literacy to second chance reentry programs, Texas Workforce Solutions is dedicated to providing career pathways to success for every Texan.”

Employment estimates released by TWC are produced in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. All estimates are subject to revision. To access this and more employment data, visit

The Texas Labor Market & Career Information Data for May is scheduled to be released on Friday, June 16, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. (CDT).

Civilian Labor Force Estimates for Texas Metropolitan Statistical Areas Not Seasonally Adjusted (In Thousands)
 April 2023March 2023April 2022
United States166,221.0161,075.05,146.03.1166,783.0160,741.06,043.03.6163,449.0157,991.05,458.03.3
Austin-Round Rock1,437.91,393.844.13.11,441.71,391.450.33.51,385.41,349.835.72.6
Beaumont-Port Arthur169.5159.99.65.6171.0160.310.76.3164.9156.08.95.4
College Station-Bryan150.6146.34.32.9151.4146.64.83.2146.9142.84.12.8
Corpus Christi204.8196.38.54.2206.4196.69.84.7202.5193.19.44.6
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington4,383.14,233.3149.83.44,397.84,226.8171.03.94,219.84,085.5134.33.2
Dallas-Plano-Irving MD2,969.02,867.0102.03.42,980.22,864.5115.73.92,858.22,768.190.13.2
Fort Worth-Arlington MD1,414.01,366.347.83.41,417.61,362.355.33.91,361.61,317.444.33.3
El Paso378.9363.515.44.1381.1363.517.64.6371.1356.614.43.9
Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land3,586.93,445.2141.74.03,620.03,459.1160.94.43,487.73,353.3134.43.9
San Angelo57.655.
San Antonio-New Braunfels1,286.91,242.944.03.41,289.41,,243.61,202.740.93.3
Wichita Falls65.
Texas Nonagricultural Wage and Salary Employment Seasonally Adjusted
INDUSTRY TITLEApr 2023*Mar 2023Apr 2022Mar '23 to Apr '23Apr '22 to Apr '23
Absolute ChangePercent ChangeAbsolute ChangePercent Change
Total Nonagricultural13,871,100 13,837,800 13,336,500 33,300 0.2   534,600 4.0
Total Private11,829,800 11,801,900 11,353,000 27,900 0.2   476,800 4.2     
Goods Producing1,962,400 1,968,400 1,885,200 -6,000 -0.3   77,200 4.1     
Mining and Logging214,000 213,200 196,300 800 0.4   17,700 9.0     
Construction797,800 806,300 769,800 -8,500 -1.1   28,000 3.6     
Manufacturing950,600 948,900 919,100 1,700 0.2   31,500 3.4     
Service Providing11,908,700 11,869,400 11,451,300 39,300 0.3   457,400 4.0     
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities2,769,700 2,763,300 2,698,000 6,400 0.2   71,700 2.7     
Information242,200 238,400 226,300 3,800 1.6   15,900 7.0     
Financial Activities904,500 902,900 871,900 1,600 0.2   32,600 3.7     
Professional and Business Services2,128,100 2,119,400 2,051,400 8,700 0.4   76,700 3.7     
Education and Health Services1,873,600 1,869,600 1,784,300 4,000 0.2   89,300 5.0     
Leisure and Hospitality1,475,000 1,468,800 1,393,600 6,200 0.4   81,400 5.8     
Other Services474,300 471,100 442,300 3,200 0.7   32,000 7.2     
Government2,041,300 2,035,900 1,983,500 5,400 0.3   57,800 2.9     


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