Requirements for Vocational Rehabilitation Services Provided by Local Workforce Development Boards

Students and adults benefit from exploring various work options.The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is committed to ensuring that Texas effectively prepares students with disabilities to obtain competitive and integrated employment through participation in employability skills and work readiness training, career exploration activities, work experience, postsecondary education, and other activities. A key component of this commitment is ongoing collaboration between TWC and the Texas Workforce Solutions network in carrying out these objectives.

This Requirements for Vocational Rehabilitation Services Provided by Local Workforce Development Boards (Board VR Requirements) provides a framework for collaboration and joint service delivery between the Texas Workforce Commission-Vocational Rehabilitation Division ("TWC-VR") and the Local Workforce Development Boards ("Boards") across Texas. Although the activities may differ, the underlying collaboration and coordination plays a vital role in connecting people with disabilities to opportunities for successful employment.

This Board VR Requirements Manual:

  • ensures that youths have access to quality services assisting them in achieving a successful employment outcome;
  • aims to ensure that resources are utilized wisely and each purchase paid with public funds represents the best value to the taxpayer;
  • provides published guidance for programming and fiscal accountability; and
  • provides criteria for meeting TWC performance expectations for each program offered to VR customers.

This manual contains information about the following programs:

  • Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL)
  • Student HireAbility Navigator Project
  • Paid Work Experience Services

As new programs are developed and implemented, they will be added to this manual.

On this page:

Chapter 1: Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL)

Summer Earn and Learn services include Work Readiness Training and Paid Work Experience for students with disabilities.

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Chapter 2: Wage Services for VR Participants in Paid Work Experience

Local Workforce Development Boards partner with the Texas Workforce Commission-Vocational Rehabilitation Division (TWC-VR) to pay wages and associated taxes and fees so customers with disabilities can engage in paid work experiences.

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Chapter 3: Student HireAbility Navigator Program

Student HireAbility Navigators serve as resources in the workforce development area to support, expand, and enhance the provision of pre-employment transition services to students with disabilities who are in the early phases of preparing for transition to postsecondary education and employment.

June 1, 2021 Notice to Boards

VR is revising Board VR Requirements Chapter 3: Student HireAbility Navigator Program. These changes will clarify program deliverables, establish a Student HireAbility Navigator Mentorship position, and establish performance review measures.

This notice is posted to allow for Board review and comment. The revisions, indicated through Microsoft Word Tracked Changes, will take effect on September 1, 2021. Questions or comments may be submitted to or

Revisions to Chapter 3: Student HireAbility Navigator Program, effective September 1, 2021MS Word

In addition, reporting forms required by this program are being updated or added. Drafts of these forms are available below, and final versions for Navigator use will be added after September 1, 2021:

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Revision Notices

The Board VR Requirements revision log includes a comprehensive list of changes made to this manual, including the revision date, the section revised and a brief explanation of the change.

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