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Exemption Criteria

Texas law on career schools and colleges requires that almost all types of training be regulated. This regulation requires the person(s) offering the training to obtain a Certificate of Approval (license). There are some exceptions to the regulation requirement, which are called exemptions.

A school is exempt only if it:

  • Submits a request to the Texas Workforce Commission for a specific exemption
  • Provides all of the required evidence showing that the provisions of that particular exemption are met
  • Receives a response letter from TWC indicating that the exemption is granted

If you believe that your school or course may be exempt from TWC regulation, you must show that it meets the conditions of one of the exceptions in the law, which are based on funding source, courses of instruction offered, type of school, and closed instruction for members, students and employees. See the link below for the exemption criteria and specific documentation requirements for an exemption request.

CSC-017, General Exemptions from Career School LicensingPDF

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Exemption Request

If you believe your school or course meets the criteria for one of the exemptions, submit your exemption request and required documentation by mail to TWC:

Texas Workforce Commission
Career Schools and Colleges
Attn: Unregistered Schools and Exemptions
101 E 15th St, Rm 226-T
Austin, TX 78778-0001

We will review your exemption request and let you know within about 45-60 days whether the exemption is granted or denied, or more information is needed. If we deny the exemption, you may appeal the denial decision.

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