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Notification Requirements

Your school must promptly notify TWC when making changes in key roles or staff positions, as detailed in the sections below. Some changes, for example acting director or temporary instructors, must be reported the same day or the following day.

For information on required roles, see Staff Your School. Information on continuing education, staff development and in-service training requirements is provided in Ongoing Requirements for Licensed Schools.

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Good Reputation

School owners, representatives, directors and instructors must be of good reputation. Good reputation includes the qualities of honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness and a professional commitment to the educational process. A person is considered to be of good reputation if the person:

  • Has never been convicted of a felony or any other crime that would constitute risk of harm to the school or students
  • Has not been successfully sued for fraud or deceptive trade practices, or breach of contract, within the last 10 years
  • Does not own or administer a school currently in violation of legal requirements, has never owned or administered a school with repeated violations, and has never owned or administered a school that closed with violations including, but not limited to, unpaid refunds
  • Has not knowingly falsified or withheld information from TWC

When school owners, representatives, directors, and instructors complete applications for TWC, they must respond to questions that address good reputation. If they respond "Yes" to some questions, a written explanation is required. If they affirm that they have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation, they must submit a completed Professional Conduct form with the application.

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Add a Representative

All representatives employed by your school must be approved and registered with TWC before they can solicit students.

You may apply to register a school representative at any time by submitting:

The effective date of the registration approval is the date we receive an acceptable application. We will send a letter listing all of your school's representatives including the newly approved representative. Your representative's approval ends on the expiration date of your school's Certificate of Approval.

Remove a Representative

When an approved representative is no longer employed by your school in that position, notify your school's TWC contact by email, fax or mail.


When you submit your school's Application for Renewal of Certificate of Approval, you will also send the Addendum to Representative Application, listing all representatives who will continue for the next certificate year. The fee for each renewed representative is $45, and there is an additional fee for each representative who has had a change in name or address.

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New School Director

To have a new school director approved by TWC, you must submit:

If there will be a new staff designee to serve as school liaison in the absence of the school director, that person will sign as staff designee on page three of the application. 

When your director applicant has been approved, we will send a letter notifying the new director of the approval.

Acting Director

You may appoint an acting school director for up to 90 days by notifying TWC in writing, by email or mail, within one day of the appointment. Notify TWC by the end of the first day following the appointment of an acting director.

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Staff Designee

Appointment of Designated Liaison (Staff Designee)

You may add a new Appointment of Designated Liaison (previously name staff designee) for your school as part of the application for a new school director as described above, or by submitting an Appointment of Designated Liaison.

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Notify TWC no later than the first day a temporary instructor begins teaching.

The Instructor Application must be completed and filed at the school or mailed to TWC within five calendar days of the person’s employment as an instructor.

If your school is not exempt from the requirement to submit instructor applications as described below, you must submit:

Exemption from Instructor Registration

  • If your school meets all three of the following requirements, you are exempt from the requirement to submit instructor applications to TWC:
  • If the applicant has a felony conviction or if the school is requesting a waiver for the instructor, then you must submit an instructor application.
  • TWC may require a previously exempt school to submit instructor applications if there have been two or more substantiated complaints against instructors or if the school is not following state law and rules.
  • You must keep documentation showing the instructor meets requirements even if your school is not required to submit an instructor application to TWC.

Temporary Instructors

TWC may allow your school to use a previously unapproved instructor to teach temporarily for a reasonable amount of time in the case of an emergency. The temporary instructor must have practical experience or education in the course area to be taught and cannot have been previously disapproved to teach the class.

No later than the first day the temporary instructor begins teaching, you must notify TWC by email, fax or mail, of the following:

  • Class to be taught
  • Name of the approved instructor
  • Name of the temporary instructor
  • Reason for the temporary instructor

Failure to notify TWC will result in sanctions that can include a full refund to all students attending the class taught by the temporary instructor.

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