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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Policy Letters

Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Keywords Publication Date Sort descending
WD 15-99 Rescinded Financial Reporting Forms for WtW Formula Grants 02/05/1999
WD 29-99 Rescinded Revisions to Calendar Year 1999 Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Title IIB Summer Youth Employment and Training Program Guidelines JTPA 02/17/1999
WD 25-99 Rescinded Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) and Procurement Rules Administration 02/19/1999
WD 16-99 Rescinded U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Information Network (O*Net) Release General 02/19/1999
WD 22-99 Rescinded Impact of Cash Assistance under the Welfare-to-Work Grant Program 02/19/1999
WD 14-99 Rescinded Third Round of Welfare-to-Work Competitive Grants: Announcement, State Review Process, and Data Sources 02/19/1999
WD 18-99 Rescinded Proposed Welfare-to-Work Grievance Procedures 02/19/1999
WD 10-99, Chg 1 Rescinded Revised Able Bodied Adults with No Dependants (ABAWD) Reimbursement Tracking Data Base FSE&T 02/23/1999
WD 02-96, Chg 5 Rescinded Changes to Title III Eligibility Technical Assistance Guide (TAG): Documentation Logs and Documentation Forms JTPA 02/23/1999
WD 09-96, Chg 6 Rescinded Changes to Title II Eligibility Technical Assistance Guide (TAG): Documentation Logs and Documentation Forms JTPA 02/23/1999
WD 20-99 Rescinded The 1999 Earned Income Credit Campaign General 02/23/1999
WD 17-99 Rescinded JTPA 13 Week Follow up Survey Work Schedule JTPA 03/01/1999
WD 24-99 Rescinded Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Web Site on the Implementation of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) WIA 03/03/1999
WD 08-99 Rescinded Clarification of Eligibility Rule for Employment Retention and Re-Employment Services Funded Through the TANF Block Grant Funds TANF/Choices 03/05/1999
WD 34-99 Rescinded Providing Welfare-to-Work Services in Choices Control Counties and Providing Services to Welfare-to-Work Participants who Reside in Other LWDA’s 03/05/1999
WD 23-99 Rescinded Criteria of Selection of Pilot Sites for Governor's 15 percent Special Projects 03/05/1999
WD 28-99 Rescinded Welfare-to-Work 30 month Eligibility Data 03/11/1999
WD 32-99 Rescinded Report to Legislature on Implementation of House Bill 3428 Good Cause Temporary Waivers and Modifications for Victims of Domestic Violence TANF/Choices 03/12/1999
WD 35-99 Rescinded Provider Reimbursement Rates Child Care 03/16/1999
WD 27-99 Rescinded Clarification of confidential information release procedures for employment retention and reemployment services funded through the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) block grant funds TANF/Choices 03/18/1999
WD 36-99 Rescinded Recent Publications from Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation 03/24/1999
WD 38-99 Rescinded PY 98-99 JTPA Performance Standards Worksheets and Texas Economic Data JTPA 03/24/1999
WD 43-99 Rescinded The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST) - PREPARATION FOR PHASE 3 Administration 03/30/1999
WD 41-99 Rescinded Welfare-to-Work (WtW) Questions and Answers from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) 03/30/1999
WD 40-99 Rescinded Deadline for Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) TWIST Data Entry JTPA 03/31/1999
WD 44-99 Rescinded Additional Y2K Guidance Administration 03/31/1999
WD 42-99 Rescinded WtW Board Plans 03/31/1999
WD 21-99 Rescinded Local Workforce Development Boards/ Private Industry Councils: Governance/Management and Delivery of Title III Rapid Response Services and Activities JTPA 04/06/1999
WD 50-99 Rescinded Board/Service Delivery Area Planning Staff Directory WIA 04/14/1999
WD 19-99 Rescinded Welfare-to-Work (WtW) Outreach Methods and Strategies 04/14/1999
WD 46-99 Rescinded JTPA Title III Performance Standard Calculation - Waiver JTPA 04/14/1999
WD 49-99 Rescinded Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Questions and Answers WIA 04/14/1999
WD 28-99, Chg 1 Rescinded Revision to Welfare-to-Work 30-Month Eligibility Data 04/14/1999
WD 48-99 Rescinded State Workforce Investment Plan WIA 04/14/1999
WD 53-99 Rescinded TWIST – Phase III Training Strategy and Schedule TWIST 04/16/1999
WD 43-99, Chg 1 Rescinded Preparation for TWIST Phase 3 Update Administration 04/19/1999
WD 52-99 Rescinded Worker Profiling Reemployment Services (WPRS) JTPA 04/20/1999
WD 55-99 Rescinded TWIST Phase 3 Conversion Schedule TWIST 04/20/1999
WD 51-99 Rescinded Production and Distribution of TWC Monthly Program Reports 04/20/1999
WD 54-99 Rescinded Internet Job Matching Project ES 04/20/1999
WD 56-99 Rescinded Fiscal Year 2000 Planning Estimates for Choices and Food Stamp Employment and Training Programs Administration 04/21/1999
WD 57-99 Rescinded Providing Trade Program and Dislocated Worker Program Services for Dislocated Workers TAA 04/23/1999
WD 61-98, Chg 1 Rescinded TWC Financial Manual for Grants and Contracts Administration 04/26/1999
WD 60-99 Rescinded Distribution of the Choices Rate Plan TANF/Choices 04/28/1999
WD 39-99 Rescinded Extension of Child Care Services for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Clients Determined Ineligible for TANF Due to Receipt of Child Support Payments TANF/Choices 04/28/1999
WD 61-99 Rescinded Final Board Planning Modification Guidelines, Program Year 1999, Fiscal Year 2000, April 1999, and the review instrument WIA 04/30/1999
WD 45-99 Rescinded Transitioning from Desktop Version to Web Service Version of Power Cubes TANF/Choices 04/30/1999
WD 17-99, Chg 1 Rescinded Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Revised 13 Week Follow-Up Work Schedule and Procedures for Requesting Changes to Follow-Up Data JTPA 05/05/1999
WD 63-99 Rescinded Reallocation of Program Year 1998 (PY 98) Title III Funds JTPA 05/05/1999
WD 59-99 Rescinded Reporting Instructions Regarding New Requirements in TWIST Phase 3 for Food Stamp Employment &Training (FSE&T), Choices, and Welfare to Work (WtW) TWIST 05/05/1999