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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Type Keywords Publication Date Sort descending
WD 91-98 Rescinded Q&A Number 3 Regarding ABAWD Implementation WD Letters 06/30/1998
WD 81-98 Rescinded Income Limits for Transitional Child Care WD Letters 06/30/1998
WD 78-98 Rescinded New Income Guidelines for Child Care Services WD Letters 07/02/1998
WD 69-98 Rescinded Status of the WtW Formula Grant State Plan and LWDB/PIC Pledges for Matching Funds WD Letters 07/06/1998
WD 60-98, Chg 1 Rescinded Final JTPA PY98 Section 123 (8 percent) Allocations WD Letters 07/15/1998
WD 97-98 Rescinded Appeals WD Letters 07/15/1998
WD 96-98 Rescinded Welfare-to-Work Formula Grants Program Rules and Approved State Plan for WtW State Formula Grant Program WD Letters 07/16/1998
WD 98-98 Rescinded Supplemental Guidance on Program Planning and Contract Negotiation for WtW Formula Grants WD Letters 07/16/1998
WD 102-98 Rescinded Board Survey – FSE&T Counties Expansion WD Letters 07/20/1998
WD 111-98 Rescinded Requests for Records Under Texas Open Records Act WD Letters 07/20/1998
WD 9-96, Chg 5 Rescinded Change to JTPA Title II Eligibility Policy and Procedures Guide: New Income Guidelines WD Letters 07/20/1998
WD 92-98 Rescinded Use of GSC, DIR, QISV and Other Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Programs WD Letters 07/21/1998
WD 93-98 Rescinded Procurement of Leased Office Space/Insurance Providers WD Letters 07/21/1998
WD 100-98 Rescinded FSE&T Categorical Program Plan Amendment WD Letters 07/21/1998
WD 99-98 Rescinded State of Texas Rapid Response System WD Letters 07/21/1998
WD 75-98 Rescinded Guidance on Use of TANF and WtW Funds to Provide Transportation Services to Welfare Recipients WD Letters 07/24/1998
WD 86-98 Rescinded H.B. 155: Listed Family Home Care WD Letters 07/27/1998
WD 103-98 Rescinded Q&A Number 4 WD Letters 07/27/1998
WD 76-98 Rescinded Choices Three-Day Employment Planning Session Curriculum WD Letters 07/27/1998
WD 106-98 Rescinded FY1999 CCMS Contract Material WD Letters 07/28/1998
WD 104-98 Rescinded RFP for JTPA Title III Rapid Response Services WD Letters 07/30/1998
WD 10-98, Chg 1 Rescinded Revision to FSE&T Plan Amendment WD Letters 07/31/1998
WD 105-98 Rescinded JTPA Title II and Title III Performance Standards for PYs 98-99 WD Letters 07/31/1998
WD 107-98 Rescinded Supplemental Guidance on Budget Planning for WtW Formula Grants WD Letters 08/05/1998
WD 101-98 Rescinded FSE&T Program Rules for FY98 and FY99 WD Letters 08/07/1998
WD 113-98 Rescinded Additional Appeals Proceedings Re: Gutierrez Settlement WD Letters 08/10/1998
WD 107-98, Chg 1 Rescinded "Revision to Supplemental Guidance on Budget Planning for WtW Formula Grants" WD Letters 08/11/1998
WD 108-98 Rescinded Technical Amendment Regarding Noncustodial Parent Eligibility Requirements for the WtW Grant Program WD Letters 08/11/1998
WD 112-98 Rescinded WOTC Guidance During Authorization Lapse WD Letters 08/13/1998
WD 119-98 Rescinded Airline Industry Retraining Occupations: Allowable JTPA Training WD Letters 08/20/1998
WD 114-98 Rescinded Pseudo-SSNs – TWIST WD Letters 08/21/1998
WD 126-98 Rescinded Allocations for Local Workforce Development Areas WD Letters 08/21/1998
WD 42-97, Chg 1 Rescinded Change in Procedures for Rapid Response Contract Reimbursements WD Letters 08/21/1998
WD 123-98 Rescinded Norms Tables for Supera WD Letters 08/21/1998
WD 117-98 Rescinded Change in Choices Procedures - Three Month Limit on Good Cause WD Letters 08/24/1998
WD 124-98 Rescinded Guidance on Making America’s Job Bank Accessible by Individuals with Disabilities WD Letters 08/25/1998
WD 125-98 Rescinded TWC Financial Manual for Grants and Contracts WD Letters 08/25/1998
WD 121-98 Rescinded Extending the Obligation and Utilization period for TANF/ Choices, FS E&T, and Child Care Funds WD Letters 08/26/1998
WD 128-98 Rescinded Additional Detail on Allocations for LWDBs. WD Letters 09/03/1998
WD 134-98 Rescinded New Choices Participation Requirements WD Letters 09/09/1998
WD 132-98 Rescinded PY98 JTPA Project Codes/Function Codes WD Letters 09/10/1998
WD 54-97, Chg 1 Rescinded School-to-Careers Local Governance Structure WD Letters 09/10/1998
WD 135-98 Rescinded Petition for NAFTA TAA Forms WD Letters 09/15/1998
WD 137-98 Rescinded Q&A on the WtW Program and Competitive Grants WD Letters 09/15/1998
WD 127-98 Rescinded Safety in the SYETP WD Letters 09/15/1998
WD 138-98 Rescinded LWDB/PIC Involvement w/ FBOs WD Letters 09/15/1998
WD 142-98 Rescinded Client Detail Report User’s Guide WD Letters 09/17/1998
WD 143-98 Rescinded Adopted FSE&T Rules WD Letters 09/17/1998
WD 140-98 Rescinded Proprietary School Rules WD Letters 09/21/1998
WD 139-98 Rescinded ABAWD Reimbursement Tracking Database System WD Letters 09/22/1998