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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Type Keywords Publication Date
WD 89-97 Rescinded Additional JTPA Program Year 1997 (PY97) Title III Formula Allocation WD Letters 12/09/1997
TA 140 Rescinded Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards TA Bulletins All Programs 02/09/2007
WD 07-96 Rescinded Availability of JTPA PY96 Title III Additional Assistance WD Letters 12/13/1996
WD 112-99 Rescinded Definitions of Fiscal Year 1999 Child Care Program Administrative and Transitional Costs WD Letters Child Care 09/15/1999
TA 133 Rescinded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Reauthorization: Questions and Answers Posted on the Texas Workforce Commission Intranet TA Bulletins Administration 10/19/2006
WD 81-99 Rescinded "FFY 2000 Choices Participation Requirements FFY 2000 Work Requirement for Single Parent Choices Participants" WD Letters TANF/Choices 06/30/1999
WD 33-06 Chg 1 Rescinded Using Workforce Investment Act Funds for Capitalization of Hurricane Rita-Affected Businesses: Clarification WD Letters WIA 05/11/2006
WD 43-99, Chg 1 Rescinded Preparation for TWIST Phase 3 Update WD Letters Administration 04/19/1999
WD 61-05 Chg 1 Rescinded Travel Rates and Regulations—Update WD Letters Fiscal - Administration 10/03/2005
WD 44-10 Rescinded Guidelines for Implementing Workforce Investment Act Waivers WD Letters Recovery Act, WIA 12/22/2010
WD 25-03 Chg 2 Rescinded Correction to Fiscal Year 2004 Block Grant Allocations, Funding Distributions and Performance Targets WD Letters Fiscal – Allocations 09/03/2003
WD 13-21 Rescinded Initial Job Search Child Care WD Letters Child Care 06/30/2021
WD 35-09 Rescinded New Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment & Training Rules WD Letters SNAP E&T, TWIST 09/30/2009
WD 32-02 Rescinded Food Stamp Employment and Training: Fiscal Year 2003 Allocations and Changes WD Letters Administration 09/24/2002
AEL 04-20 Rescinded Workforce Integration and Follow-Up Activities AEL Letters AEL 03/12/2020
WD 27-18 Rescinded Earned Income Tax Credit for Employed Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Recipients and Other Low-Income Workers WD Letters Child Care, TANF/Choices 12/18/2018
TA 194 Rescinded Improving Job Match Quality TA Bulletins ES, 12/17/2008
WD 20-17, Chg 1 Rescinded Adult Education and Literacy Grant Proposal Reviews—Update WD Letters AEL, WIA 10/12/2017
AEL 03-16 Rescinded Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment Targets for Program Year 2016–2017 AEL Letters AEL, Performance 07/14/2016
WD 55-07 Chg 1 Rescinded Texas School Ready!™ Certification Program: Update WD Letters Child Care 11/02/2007
WD 28-01 Rescinded Chief Elected Official’s Membership Guide for Local Workforce Development Boards WD Letters Administration 07/17/2001
WD 67-00 Rescinded Fiscal Year 2001 Allocations: Additional Detail WD Letters Administration 08/16/2000
WD 166-98 Rescinded Q and A for Food Stamp Employment and Training WD Letters 11/05/1998
WD 11-05 Rescinded Reporting Changes for Trade Adjustment Assistance Expenditures WD Letters Financial Reporting 03/11/2005
WD 20-00 Rescinded Program Guidance for Implementation of Comprehensive Youth Services Under the Workforce Investment Act During the Summer of 2000 WD Letters WIA 03/24/2000
WD 9-96, Chg 5 Rescinded Change to JTPA Title II Eligibility Policy and Procedures Guide: New Income Guidelines WD Letters 07/20/1998
WD 34-12 Rescinded Guidelines for Implementing Workforce Investment Act Waivers WD Letters WIA 12/06/2012
WD 24-98 Rescinded JTPA PY96 Title IIA/IIC Reallotments WD Letters 03/23/1998
WD 12-12 Rescinded Revised Fiscal Year 2012/Program Year 2011 Allocations for Workforce Investment Act Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Alternative Funding WD Letters Fiscal – Allocations, WIA 02/16/2012
WD 54-97 Rescinded School-to-Work Local Governance Structure WD Letters 06/11/1997
WD 36-12 Rescinded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training: Fiscal Year 2013 Supplemental Allocations for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents WD Letters Fiscal – Allocations, SNAP E&T 12/03/2012
WD 26-98 Rescinded PY98-99 JTPA and ES Categorical Programs Two-Year Planning Guidelines Instructions and Guide WD Letters 03/23/1998
TA 145 Rescinded Available Unemployment Insurance Informational Materials TA Bulletins UI 04/11/2007
WD 48-97 Rescinded JTPA Title III Rapid Response Contract Planning and Performance Report Form WD Letters 06/11/1997
WD 28-11 Rescinded Fiscal Year 2012/Program Year 2011 Allocations WD Letters Fiscal – Allocations 08/09/2011
WD 17-04 Rescinded Rescission and Recapture of 1999 Welfare-to-Work Unexpended Balances WD Letters Fiscal - Administration 03/16/2004
WD 76-99, Chg 3 Rescinded Training Provider Certification System: Clarifications Regarding the Application for Initial Eligibility Under the Workforce Investment Act WD Letters WIA 07/29/1999
WD 50-06 Chg 1 Rescinded Food Stamp Employment and Training: Additional Funding for Eligible Hurricane Katrina Evacuees – Clarification WD Letters FSE& T 08/23/2006
WD 58-99 Rescinded Matching Rate for Certified Local Initiative Contracts WD Letters Child Care 05/13/1999
WD 54-05 Chg 1 Rescinded Fiscal Year 2006 Allocations and Performance Targets — Update WD Letters Fiscal – Allocations 02/08/2006
WD 13-10, Chg 1 Rescinded Texas-Back-to-Work Initiative—Subsidized Employment—Update WD Letters ES, Recovery Act, TWIST, UI, 06/08/2010
WD 35-05 Rescinded Determining Minimum Self-Sufficiency Levels: Adjusted 2005 100% Lower Living Standard Income Level WD Letters WIA 05/31/2005
WD 16-03 Chg 1 Rescinded The Workforce Information System of Texas: Revised Data Entry Forms TWIST 10/14/2003
WD 01-20, Chg 1 Rescinded Managing Individuals in the System—Update WD Letters ES, Rapid Response, RESEA, 10/11/2021
WD 37-02 Chg 1 Rescinded Revised Financial Forms: “Texas Workforce Commission LWDB Expenditure Report 5211-013 A-C (04 2003)” WD Letters Financial Reporting 04/01/2003
WD 36-02 Rescinded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: Exceptions to the Workforce Orientation for Applicants Requirements WD Letters TANF/Choices 11/22/2002
WD 37-01 Chg 1 Rescinded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: Revised “Voluntary Withdrawal From Temporary Assistance for Needy Families” Form WD Letters TANF/Choices 06/07/2002
TA 17 Rescinded Outreach - Able Bodied Adults without Dependents (ABAWDs) TA Bulletins SNAP E&T 01/19/2002
WD 39-01 Chg 1 Rescinded Notification of New Rules on In-State Travel and Contract Vendors: Clarification WD Letters Administration 11/01/2001
AEL 01-18 Rescinded Educational Outcomes for Adult Education and Literacy WD Letters AEL, WIOA 04/13/2018