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The Appeals program provides unemployment benefit claimants and employers the opportunity to challenge an adverse TWC determination on entitlement to benefits or the chargeback of benefits to an employer's account.

In addition, the Appeals program conducts hearings for child care recipients who have been denied child care funding by local workforce boards, and workforce program related state level appeals.

TWC also conducts special hearings for other issues such as decisions regarding wage claims or child labor, unemployment tax rulings, and career schools and colleges actions.

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Unemployment Appeals serves claimants and employers with appeal rights who have received adverse determinations made at the Unemployment Benefits Program level. Claimants can get more information about claims and appeals at Unemployment Benefits. Employers can find more information at Unemployment Claim Management & Appeals.

For child care recipients and persons with adverse determinations from local workforce boards, the Appeals program provides an opportunity to challenge those determinations.

Special hearings include:

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Most federal reporting requirements for unemployment appeals are detailed in the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration Employment and Training Handbook 401.

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Other Resources

Additional unemployment appeals resources and related information on other programs or services.


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