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The Career Schools and Colleges (CSC) Credit for Veterans and Service Members program helps military veterans and service members in their job preparation. Veterans and service members can prepare for jobs in specific industries to speed up their entry into the Texas workforce. 

CSC rules require career schools to grant credit for veterans and service members' military experience, education or training that are like the career schools' courses. 


Texas has laws that career schools must follow when enrolling veterans and service members.

Before enrolling a veteran or service member, the career schools or colleges need to complete specific forms. One is the Enrollment Agreement. It has a special section to identify the student as a veteran or service member. Another form is Form CSC-010, Record of Previous Education and Training. This form has details about the student’s job in the military and the program they want to study at the school.

The school staff will fill out Form CSC-010 and explain how long the program is and the program cost. If the military experience, education or training can get credit, the staff will note that. If the school cannot give credit, they must explain why.

These requirements make sure that military veterans and service members get the credit they deserve for their experience during their service.


Texas Education Code, Chapter 132

Texas Administrative Code, Title 40, Part 20, Chapter 807

Military Course Credit Directory - A tool that matches Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes to military occupations codes (MOC). This tool should be used by schools to match a course CIP to a veteran’s MOC to award course credits.

Measures to Facilitate Award of Course Credit for Military Service –Texas Education Code Section 132.026.

Criteria for a Certificate of Approval, Including Military Service Credit –Texas Education Code section 132.055.

Definitions Relating to Programs of Instruction, including “Military service course credit directory” – Texas Administrative Code Title 40, section 807.121.

Additional Information

Contact us at for more information about the program. If you are a career school or college representative, TWC staff members are available to help with the credit evaluation process.

To learn more about evaluation processes in the award of credit for military experience, education and training, visit the following sites: