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Child care providers must meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Child care providers: 

  • Cannot discriminate against children with disabilities because of the disability
  • Must make reasonable modifications to their programs to include children with disabilities, and  
  • Cannot charge parents for the cost of making reasonable modifications.  

Providers cannot exclude children with disabilities unless: 

  • The child would pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others; or  
  • Providing services for the child would need a fundamental alteration of the program. 

For information on child care providers and ADA visit  

Parents of Children with Disabilities

It is important to make sure your child receives the care needed. TWC helps providers serving low-income families eligible for TWC child care scholarships. This includes up to 190 percent of the reimbursement rate for providers to:  

  • Make reasonable accommodations to serve a child with disabilities, or 
  • To assist families if a child’s disability requires more fundamental modifications.  

This higher rate benefits your child and helps child care providers pay for more staff or equipment needed to support your child’s needs. The parents must begin the inclusion rate assistance process.  The provider cannot start the process. 

Discuss any concerns about special needs with your child care provider. 

A professional familiar with the needs of children with disabilities must certify a need for the funding.  

To begin the inclusion rate process, a designated qualified professional must fill out the Certification for Inclusion Assistance Rate form (CC-2419).   

More information on inclusion rate is at Child Care Services Guide, Section B-700

Workforce Development Boards work with: 

  • Parents to verify a child’s eligibility for the inclusion rate 
  • Providers to assess the need for the inclusion rate 

For more information or help contact your Workforce Solutions Office

Professional Development for Child Care Providers Caring for Children with Disabilities

Texas A&M AgriLife has resources to help providers serve children with disabilities.  View list of available online courses.