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Employment Service - Program Overview

The Employment Service (ES) program provides comprehensive recruiting, job search, and related services to businesses and job seekers to connect employers seeking workers and individuals seeking employment. ES coordinates job openings between states and administers the unemployment insurance (UI) work test to verify that individuals receiving UI benefits are registered for work and are actively seeking employment.

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ES provides a variety of employment-related services for employers, job seekers and unemployment benefits claimants, including:

  • Recruitment services for employers with job openings
  • Job search assistance, job referral, and placement assistance for job seekers
  • Reemployment services for UI claimants

TWC’s online job matching system,, helps employers and job seekers connect electronically. Employers and job seekers can register for work online, browse for jobs or job seekers, and request matches against job postings and job seeker registrations.

Employers can find ES information and more at Recruiting & Hiring Resources. Job seekers can find ES information at Job Search.

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Authority & Funding

Local Workforce Development Boards and their Workforce Solutions offices have full responsibility for day-to-day guidance of state ES staff. TWC still maintains administrative responsibility, but Workforce Solutions office managers share responsibility for directing daily work assignments, assigning individual performance goals, coordinating hiring, initiating disciplinary action, and evaluating staff performance.

ES is funded by UI taxes assessed on employers through the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (26 U.S.C., Chapter 23).

The Employment Service program is governed by state and federal laws and regulations, including the following:

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Tips & Guides

The Employment Service Guide provides information about ES policies and procedures, and highlights how ES supports the primary mission of TWC and Local Workforce Development Boards.

The Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Program Guide provides information about policies and procedures related to the delivery of a wide array of resources that support reemployment as quickly as possible.

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