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The Purchasing from People with Disabilities program helps disabled people work and be more independent. People with different disabilities make things or do services through Works Wonders. Before, it was managed by a group, but now TWC oversees it.

Works Wonders started in 1978 to help disabled people get jobs. They make things or do services through Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs). These are bought by governments and schools. Over the years, many disabled Texans have worked and earned over $60 million.

CRPs are groups that follow TWC's rules. They offer products to cities, schools, and people. Around 119 CRPs in Texas are part of Works Wonders.

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To complain about the Disabilities Program, write to the Manager. They'll send it to TWC. Include your name, address, and issue. You'll get a response in 5 days, and they'll investigate for a solution.

Submit complaints:

Texas Workforce Commission
1117 Trinity Street #214T
Austin, Texas 78701

Exception Report

Agencies must buy from Works Wonders, unless exceptions apply. Exceptions should be reported when orders are made. Agencies can buy outside Works Wonders if:

  1. Products or services don't fit needs or can't be delivered in time.
  2. Temporary services are needed in specific regions.

If Works Wonders' products don't match agency needs exceptions apply. Check the Texas Comptroller's website for State Use Reports