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Dear Grant Recipient:

Congratulations on your recent TWC grant award! TWC recognizes your dedication to ensuring the next generation of employees keep Texas #1. We know you are hard at work putting the funds to good use training and educating our workforce.  If you would like a Commissioner to attend a grant presentation ceremony, please pay careful attention to the documents below.

The first document is an overview. It will outline everything you need to know for the presentation, including for what TWC is responsible.  Please read through it before committing to a presentation.

We will need you to provide to TWC one grant presentation form, one agenda and one invitation. This will be shared with others by way of invite. 

Grant Presentation Form

The grant presentation form is essential in our coordinated efforts to plan your event. It helps TWC staff coordinate and execute your event. Please complete these forms to the best of your knowledge—supplying all information that you have as soon as possible. If you have questions, your TWC Communications contact should be able to help directly.

Photography Guidelines

The final form is an overview of the pictures you will need to submit to TWC within one hour of your presentation so that, for PR purposes, your event press release can be distributed, and your photos stored to Flickr and social media posts published for your event.

Agenda and Invitation Samples

Below are also several sample agendas and invitations. Please choose the one which matches your grant type and use it as a template below. Since these take time to design and seek approval, we ask that you get started as soon as possible. You can even leave the date blank while we are scheduling.

Please note: The presented documents are currently accessible, it is up to the grant recipients to ensure final versions of their invitations and agendas remain accessible after customization.